What To Consider Before Buying Kratom Online

People in the kratom community know all too well about the benefits of kratom. This includes relief from anxiety, getting an energy boost, or sleeping much better than before. Everyone who uses kratom has a reason and if you’re reading this, something tells me you have a reason too. Now the question is where are you getting your kratom?

The popularity of the market means you have more and more vendors to pick from and some allow you to buy kratom online while some are only found in stores. Point is, getting kratom is effortless! Much more so than it was 5 years ago. But unfortunately, even today, not all kratom sellers are trustworthy. Some products are not safe to consume, due to contamination, adulteration, or even both. So, before you place an order at the first place you found, consider these various details about kratom itself and the vendor supplying it.

About Kratom

As with any product you buy, the more you know about it the more informed, and thus better choices you can make!

Why Kratom?

Yes, it’s worth investing your money in kratom products. Users report benefits that include the following:

  • More energy and focus
  • Experiencing more calm
  • Helpful stress reliever
  • Can help manage pain

Kratom Effects—And Its Effects On You

Your friend’s favorite kratom product may not be what you need. When you buy kratom you must consider which of these benefits you would like to experience. Do you simply need to sleep better at night or are you lacking concentration at work? Order according to your personal needs, so kratom benefits your unique lifestyle. The last thing you want is to experience the effects of energy and focus when you’re trying to get some sleep!

Understanding Strains

The needs you have should guide you in deciding which strains to buy because each strain tends to have a specific effect on users. Kratom has three main categories, named after the color of the veins on the leaves:

  • Red: usually ideal to relax you and relieve pain
  • Green: this strain is popular for those who want more focus
  • White: mostly used to energize the user

In each of these groups, you’ll find multiple strains to pick from and try, keeping kratom use interesting and exciting.

Kratom Products

Also, consider in what form you’ll enjoy kratom the most. The powder is widely available but if you know you may struggle to find it palatable, look for vendors who also sell it in capsule form.

Dosages and Potency

Dosage plays a vital role in the overall experience which is why you must educate yourself about the dosage that will give you the outcome you need. A small dosage may energize you while a larger amount can put you in a state of euphoria.

But to make a choice about the dosage you’ll also need to understand a product’s potency, specifically, mitragynine. So, rather buy from kratom vendors that clearly share these details, but even then, you cannot rely on it completely. Sometimes some of the other less known alkaloids can play a larger role which can result in an unexpected effect. It’s always a good idea when ordering new kratom to test out its strength by taking smaller doses.

About The Supplier

For any product, you’re going to consume it is essential that you are getting it from a trustworthy supplier. The supplier should prioritize your health and safety as much as you do by making sure that the kratom they’re selling is natural and contaminant-free. Here’s how you can pick the best from all the kratom vendors online.

Research The Company

Do a quick background check on the company and research its vision and mission. This will give you a sense of whether you’ll trust them with your health.

Ask About the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Processes

One aspect about the company that especially requires some research is the manufacturing of the products you receive. Firstly, do they use plants that have been harvested in an ethical and responsible manner, with respect for both the environment and the people involved in the process? You can also ask the company about the conditions where the kratom grows, the age of the tree, whether it’s wild or farm-grown, commercial or small-batch etc.

Secondly, does the manufacturing process ensure you get a safe and effective final product? Look for mentions of products being laboratory tested and quality checks throughout the different stages.

Read The Reviews

The best way to know whether an online kratom vendor is worth your time and money is to learn from other clients. See if the company posts reviews on their website or search online for feedback from existing customers. This gives you a good idea of what to expect and you can avoid the vendors that give clients problems like low quality products or slow delivery. Use vendors that will provide the best kratom on time.

Look For Variety

To find a product that matches your kratom preferences, you need a vendor that has a wide range. This will also give you the freedom to experiment with new products you don’t know yet. With kratom being such a young and interesting industry it’s always worth being adventurous and trying something new.

Also, see if the company sells both powder and capsules, so you can buy whatever is easiest for you to consume.

Check The Ingredients

In short, if a company isn’t transparent about the ingredients of each of their products, it’s already a red flag. The company’s website and its packaging should state exactly what ingredients go into each product, so you can determine if it’s safe to consume. If you can’t find the information, ask them and if they’re evasive on the topic, rather pick another supplier.

Compare Prices

Once you have a few vendors that seem safe to use, it’s worth comparing their product prices. Luckily, with many vendors competing, you can easily find a reputable supplier with reasonable prices. Pay a little less and you can afford even more kratom for you and your friends!

Can You Try A Sample?

What’s the best way to test a new supplier? Or a new type of kratom? Samples!

Search on the vendor’s website and if they offer samples or small amounts—or special offers—it’s worth a try. Sometimes if you email them, they may even send it out on the house (if you’re lucky!). Ordering and trying samples will quickly show you what to expect from the vendor’s products, or a new strain that you want to try. But because you’re buying smaller amounts, it’s relatively cheap, usually costing between $5-10/sample. If you end up not liking it, it’s not a big loss to your pocket.


Kratom can be the key to multiple health benefits. Just make sure you stay in control of the situation—from purchase to consuming your next dosage. Some give up on kratom after trying just one strain from one vendor that they didn’t like, but this is a mistake. Sometimes the first one you try will simply not be a good experience so don’t let that ruin your perception of the whole plant, give it another chance.

Your kratom order is just a few clicks away and now you know how to make sure the product you receive is safe and packed with benefits as you expect. If you have any other concerns about this topic, just leave a comment below.