Do Kratom and Bodybuilding Mix?

What is Kratom?

Before we talk about the link between kratom and bodybuilding, let’s look into what exactly this herbal supplement is and why it’s all the rage.

Scientifically known as ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’, kratom hails from the indigenous lands of Southeast Asia. The real power of this plant/tree comes from its leaves that are rich in unique alkaloid profile. Those alkaloids (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) carry the potential to manage several bodily ailments such as fatigue, pain, sleep disorders, inflammation, etc. Kratom’s medicinal usage goes back into centuries ago where farmers would traditionally chew the leaves to remain productive and energetic even in the scorching heat.

While kratom has many strain types (all with varying kinds of effects), it’s largely used for energy-boosting effects. That might be a governing factor in kratom’s cross over into bodybuilding arena which we will now discuss –

The Science of Bodybuilding

If you talk about the science of bodybuilding on a cellular level, it all comes down to the building blocks of the body aka proteins. They are broken down into amino acids which go on to form muscles.

Next crucial factor/step is the intensity of the workout and weight training. Bodybuilders are supposed to start slow and slowly but surely, they work to reach their target.

Having established these ground rules necessary for bodybuilding, the next essential ingredient for bodybuilding is the consistency and perseverance. Anyone who can take care of these things should begin to see positive results sooner rather than later.

Kratom As an Energy Booster For Body Builders

Kratom’s potential as a decent energy booster was long established by the folks who were some of the earliest users of this herb. This very property of kratom plant led to its regular usage by people for keeping up with everyday tasks such as jogging, walking, cleaning, and almost all mundane everyday tasks that need one to stay active through the day.

With kratom’s growing popularity as an energy booster, it was only a matter of time people started looking more into its full range of capabilities. Next thing you know, this herbal supplement had made its way into bodybuilding arena. Soon it became popular among trainers, gymnasts, players, bodybuilders, and athletes who can swear by its potential to help them perform better.

The fact that kratom comes from the coffee family should explain its often stimulating and energizing effects that can keep you going through the day. The same principle applies to bodybuilding. It may give you that extra push which might be needed to up the training without burning yourself in the process. In simpler words, kratom might delay the exhaustion.

Kratom and Muscle Building

As already discussed, kratom energizing and stimulant effects combined can make certain strenuous activities look seemingly less tiring. Seeing how it’s an organic substance from the coffee family, it’s no surprise that kratom could sharpen cognitive functions leading to better productivity.

Kratom consumption in the right dosage and intervals could help in certain exercises such as running, lifting, aerobics, cardio workout, and endurance exercises. Kratom’s pain management properties are also no longer a secret. Check out this WebMD thread where people from across the globe have praised it for its pain management abilities.

When you factor that in during a strenuous workout, one can see how kratom could enable a user to train more intensely without fearing muscle pain and early fatigue.

Ideal Kratom Dosage for Fitness Regimes

An important thing to know about kratom is that it’s a highly dose-dependent substance. Therefore, while a certain dose could make you feel energized, a different dose could make you feel mildly sedated. Therefore, monitoring and maintaining an ideal and accurate dose is paramount.

It’s also crucial to start and maintain low to medium kratom dosage because that’s when it is most energizing. A higher dose might defeat the whole purpose as it could have counterintuitive effects. Unfortunately, since kratom is not monitored by the FDA or any other medical body, it’s hard to tell which dose will be ideal for a certain user. Trial and error is the only way to ascertain that.

But, as a starting point, most users would/should maintain an initial small dose of 1-4 grams. Ideally, one would take this dose half an hour before the workout session.

Best Kratom Strains for the Workout

At the beginning of the post, we talked about kratom having different strain types each with its profile of effects. This is another crucial factor when you think about kratom’s potential for bodybuilding. Not only would you need to establish an accurate dose, but finding the right strain type is also key.

Some kratom strains can lead towards the sedative profile of effects which means they should never be used before a workout. Those strains are generally red-veined kratom varieties like red Borneo, red Bali, red vein Thai and Red Indo.

The white veined variety of kratom strains are supposed to be ideal for energy. You can even mix them up with other strains to tap into a full range of enhanced effects. Below are a few varieties you might want to check out as a workout enthusiast –

♦  Super Green Malay

♦  Vietnam Kratom

♦  White Maeng Da

♦  White Bali

♦  White

♦  Borneo

In terms of where to look for these kratom varieties, Kratom Crazy is a good online place to start looking for this herbal supplement.

Final Thoughts on Kratom and Fitness

All things considered, it’s clear that kratom – when taken in the right dosage and right variety – could be a great helping hand to fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. It could even hold the yet to be explored potential to replace illegal and drug-riddled medications that many use for energy and stimulation