Why You Should Take Natural Health Products Over Pharmaceuticals

Nature’s medicine cabinet has thousands of effective alternatives like lion’s mane mushroom to the dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that are pushed by massive multinational corporations to increase their bottom lines. For thousands of years, people have been using natural and organic substances to help treat and heal everything and anything.

While some pharmaceutical drugs have, as their source, a naturally-occurring product, they somehow manage to create a synthetic version that is laden with dangerous side effects. You don’t have the same issue with the plants that exist naturally in the environment.

Opiate addiction is a massive issue and often called an epidemic. In fact, 75% of all drug-related deaths are because of opiods, most of the time due to pharmaceutical drugs. Beyond having the ultimate side effect, they have many others that don’t lead to an untimely demise, yet are also ones that can easily be avoided.

When it comes to opiates, there is a natural and organic alternative found in nature that has been a literal lifesaver for many who have been struggling with opiate addiction. This miracle plant is called kratom. This plant is a member of the coffee family and has mu-opioid agonist properties, which makes it act like morphine, even though it’s not an opiate. Kratom not only acts as a safe opiate replacement, but it also reduces opiate withdrawals by an astonishing 90% for people who were previously taking methadone.

Besides providing pain relief and sedating properties, kratom is unusual in that it can also be stimulating. Depending on what type of kratom you take and how much you ingest, you will experience different benefits. At lower dosages of about 3-7 grams, kratom has more stimulating and mood-enhancing effects. At around 8 grams and up, it actually has more sedating and painkilling effects. This just goes to show you the incredible intelligence of nature.

Kratom capsules can be used to help boost energy, provide general feel-good effects, and help with pain. Kingdom Kratom is one of the highly reputable distribution companies out there that specializes in the highest strength and organic Kratom capsules. This is a welcome natural and organic alternative to the synthetic drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. You can also get kratom for sale from Kraken Kratom.

With $200 billion being spent by Americans on pharmaceuticals every year and only $20 billion on nature’s alternatives, the marketing efforts of multinational corporations has been very effective. However, the numerous side effects and the exorbitant cost of many drugs should give us pause before swallowing some synthetic cocktail. When it comes to something like opiate addiction, kratom is a great natural alternative.