What Is Kratom and Why is It So Controversial in San Francisco

Kratom is a controversial plant which is found in many parts of Southeast Asia. People who use it claim it has healing properties and can be used for recreational purposes, though no solid evidence from scientific research proves it can be used as a medicine. It is illegal in many countries of the world such as Denmark, Malaysia, Australia, Finland, Romania, and the United Kingdom. Even though millions of people continue to use it till this day, yet many countries don’t approve of it. Kratom is infamous because of its notorious nature, but its popularity is enjoyed by makers all over the world.

Why do people use it?

People who use claim it helps in treating anxiety and curtailing depression. You will be intrigued to know, many bars in the US serve kratom infused tea which provides mild buzzing in the body, and people claim it even relaxes them for hours. The traditional practice was to boil kratom leaves and chew them, but now people use kratom in various forms. Some people use it as pills whereas many use kratom powder. You can get good quality kratom powder from kratom crazy. Interestingly kratom tea is another way in which it is consumed.

Why is it controversial in San Francisco?

San Francisco is famous for its uptight rules and regulations. According to the latest stats, this year a store introduced kratom which is regarded as a notorious herb in the city. Bumble Bee botanicals is the company which is selling kratom plant in raw form. Kratom gained massive popularity in the last five years in the US when people started using it. Another interesting fact about this plant is, people who go to the gym are using kratom infused muscle supplements because they believe it helps them in working out more and building up the body fast.

Kratom is acknowledged by some as a drug which provides relief from severe body pains, but the debate continues to go on. Though the food and drug administration of San Francisco doesn’t put it in the category of a drug, yet many places and states in the country have approved of it. Last year when a 27-year-old boy died from kratom overdose, many people even started a campaign to ban the plant completely. Even if it is not available rampantly in the city, there are many online vendors who sell kratom to Americans.

Will it be safe to sell kratom in San Francisco?

The owner of Bumble botanicals, Andrew Graham, believes kratom has the power to bring a massive change to the lives of people. Though, until and unless something concrete doesn’t stem out of the medical research, nothing can be said about the veracity of people’s claims. People who smoke weed will anyways slant towards this herb, but there’s no escape from the fact, everything has an ugly side to it. As per reports another store is opening in Mission district neighborhood which will be one of the first of its kind in this category. So let’s see what future laws unfold for kratom.