What is Kratom, and Why Did They Ban it in The UK?

Kratom is a tropical tree that has roots in Southeast Asia. Although it was discovered in the early 19th century, its history dates back to tens of thousands of years when ancient people used this plant for medicinal purposes. Today, with over 200 million fans across the globe, this plant is having a major moment. The truth is, kratom leaves have a special compound known as mitragyna Speciosa, which is said to borrow properties from opioid painkillers.

Kratom is harvested in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and thrives in tropical climates. It has over 30 different strains and always has something unique to offer its customers. Thankfully kratom is banned in most parts of the globe because of its toxic side effects. Although a lot of people use it for medicinal reasons, experts have not given a single reason to consume it as a drug.

What are its Health Benefits?
Whenever it comes to improving the quality of life, everyone turns to natural herbs, food items, and water. However, there are many herbs that remain in the news for all the wrong reasons, and kratom is one of them. Despite being a $400 million industry, this plant has not even a single health benefit in its support. The only reason why doctors suggest people consume it is that it helps in weight loss. You need to know, more than one-third of the world population suffers from obesity, which is why this plant is a cheaper option to consider.

Why is it banned in the UK?
Kratom has a strong history of its association with the UK. When America developed an opioid crisis, Indonesians jumped in to claim opportunity and started to cultivate this plant. This was when American and European interest in this plant compelled manufacturers to sell it to them. When people started consuming this plant, they liked it in the beginning but then began complaining about several health problems. This is when medical experts started to research this plant and came up with several side effects. Some of which are:

· Constipation
· Nausea
· Vomiting
· Sore Throat
· Coughing
· Fever
· Kidney Failure
· Lung Infection
· Respiratory Issues
· Loss of Appetite
· Acne
· Infertility
· Erectile Dysfunction
· Weight loss

After analyzing all these factors, the government of the UK decided to observe a complete ban on this plant. Although it is often available in small local smoke shops, most vendors choose to sell it online. You can get good quality kratom powder from Kratom Crazy. This vendor has a strong history of selling top-notch kratom products to the customers.

Currently, it is illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess this plant. Getting caught with kratom buds can have serious repercussions. So it is better to keep away from it. Fanatic kratom fans go the extra mile to support this herb, but it stands vague with no proven health benefits by its side. Secondly, it is far less researched as compared to its contemporaries, so let’s see what future unfolds for it.