Orange County lawmakers want state, federal agencies to consider regs for kratom

GOSHEN – The Orange County Legislature is calling on the Food and Drug Administration and the State Department of Health “to promptly consider guidelines and protocols for the regulation of kratom.”

That’s the plant that grows in Southeast Asia that is deemed illegal or controlled in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia and Thailand and banned in the U.S. in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.

County Legislator Rob Sassi said use of the substance must be reviewed on a national level.

“The CDC also says Americans are dying from kratom overdoses and I think it is important to note that. It is used as a substitute for opioids. But, if the CDC recognizes this and others, and also the vast majority of users uses it for pain and these kratom different packaging are available in not the most reputable places. If it is such a wonderful thing, why isn’t it recognized?” he asked.

County Mental Health Commissioner Darcie Miller is in support of the county resolution which was approved in committee on Wednesday.

The full legislature is expected to address the issue at its December session.