Liquid Kratom – What You Need To Know

Liquid Kratom is Kratom extract that is in liquid form. It is often combined with certain additives and it isn’t necessarily a single product from a single source. A lot of leaves from the Kratom plant are used to make a concentrated liquid extract. This means that liquid kratom is way stronger than the leaves or powder. See Authentic Kratom for pure, unadulterated, and genuine kratom products.

The strength of liquid kratom is usually denoted in the form of 2X, 5X, 10X, etc. The stronger the liquid kratom, the more the number of leaves or powder that was used to make it.

Read on to get more information and be enlightened on liquid kratom.

How Is Liquid Kratom Made

To create liquid kratom, the raw leaves of the kratom plant are dissolved in a mixture of water and alcohol. A majority of the alkaloids that are present in kratom such as, mitragynine, are soluble in alcohol. This makes it possible to extract them intact in this method.

Water-soluble alkaloids are also extracted by incorporating additional steps in the process. This means that all alkaloids are extracted. The final liquid extract is called a full spectrum extract.

Formats of Liquid Kratom 

Liquid kratom can appear in three various formats. Each one of these offers something different from the next. Let’s explore them in-depth.

  • Liquid Extract

Kratom extract is a refined form of kratom. It is made by extracting the alkaloid present in kratom leaves or powder. How is this done you might be wondering?

To prepare liquid kratom, fresh kratom is boiled down, often in the presence of a solvent, strained, and then boiled again. Until all the water evaporates. It becomes a thick paste which after drying becomes a kratom extract powder.

The difference between this extract powder and regular kratom powder is that the extract is a refined concentration of alkaloids and other active ingredients. Kratom powder on the other hand is simply dried leaves that are ground into powder.

The strength of your kratom liquid extract is determined by how much leaf material you used and for how long you boiled the mixture. The liquid form of kratom should merely consist of the pure extract combined with water.

  • Kratom Tincture

This kind of kratom liquid is made by submerging the leaf in a solvent like ethanol or another kind of alcohol for several weeks. Using alcohol allows all the organic compounds to break down without losing the potency of the alkaloid. This will lead to a strong product.

The amount of alcohol used normally depends on how fresh the leaves are. A person who would prepare this kind of liquid kratom would do so because of the ease of use and effectiveness.

  • Kratom Shot

The only difference between this and the kratom extract is that liquid kratom extract is usually combined with other things to create a cocktail of sorts. This is what is called kratom shots. It’s like an energy drink, only with kratom. Unfortunately, consuming this kind of liquid kratom puts you at a bit of a risk because it normally contains high and unnatural levels of mitragynine, the alkaloid found in kratom.

Why Should You Go For Liquid Kratom?

If you are a user of kratom, you probably hate chewing on the leaves. Either that or you find it too much to take kratom powder by the toss and wash method or using the powder to make tea or shakes.

If this is you and you love the effects of kratom, then liquid kratom is your natural solution.

Liquid kratom is extremely easy to use. The high quality of kratom leaves used in making this extract gives users quick effects which last for longer.

Effects Produced By Liquid Kratom

The effects depend on the strain of kratom you use in the extract. These may include:

  • Analgesia-Liquid kratom extracts act to relieve pain. This effect can be strong since the alkaloids in liquid kratom are usually concentrated. So if you’re going through painful procedures or have injuries and traumas, liquid kratom can help get rid of the pain.
  • Euphoria- Liquid kratom produces a state of well-being. The effects can be very strong but it doesn’t last for long and sooner you can get into a very relaxed state.
  • Stimulation- Liquid kratom produces stimulation just like kratom powder. The intensity is however higher for liquid kratom.
  • Sedation- High doses of liquid kratom cause sedation. This effect is particularly helpful to people who have trouble sleeping.
  • Relaxation-Liquid kratom causes relaxation that stays for up to 6 hours. This can be useful if you need to focus on a task without getting stressed about it.

Side Effects of Liquid Kratom

As we have said before, Liquid kratom extracts are usually highly concentrated in the alkaloids. Because they produce very strong effects, it’s quite easy to quickly develop tolerance to liquid kratom.

This might make you take even higher doses leading to a cycle. This is when you develop dependence and get addicted to liquid kratom.

If you withdraw from this, you experience withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Sweating
  • Aggression
  • Mild Nausea
  • Jerky movement of legs and arms
  • Muscle ache
  • Joint or bone pain
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty sleeping

High doses of liquid kratom can also cause injury to various body organs such as the liver and kidney. It can also depress the respiratory system.


Liquid kratom extracts are available in glass bottles. These vary but the standard size is usually 15ml. The product is consumed via a dropper.

If you’d like to use liquid kratom, start by using half a dropper. You can increase the dosage if you don’t experience any effects.

1 dropper is a light dose preferable to most people. It will give you an energetic feeling.2 droppers on the other hand is a strong dosage and it normally leads to sedation.


  • Never use liquid kratom regularly so you don’t become dependent on it.
  • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have cardiovascular, hepatic, and renal issues do not use liquid kratom.
  • Do not use kratom if you are taking any medication. This will prevent drug interactions.
  • Also if you are diabetic, avoid liquid kratom. Do not use it while working with machines.
  • Never exceed the recommended dosage.

Can I mix Liquid Kratom With other Beverages?

It depends on the type of beverage. If it’s a central nervous system stimulant type of beverage then no. Avoid it at all costs.

You can however mix liquid kratom extracts with juices or make tea.

Is Liquid Kratom Economical?

Some people might find them expensive as compared to kratom powder. If you require 5 grams of kratom powder to get effects, you will require a lesser dose if you are taking liquid kratom. This is because liquid kratom extracts are highly concentrated.

So yes, liquid kratom is economical.

How to Store Liquid Kratom

Just like kratom powder, liquid kratom is best used fresh. You should store it in a cool, dark place, and away from moisture. Make sure to always replace the cap securely after use.


Liquid kratom is the most potent form of kratom. You should, therefore, be careful of how much of it you take because it can cause dependence and addiction. Sticking to the recommended dosage will allow you to get the best effects out of it while still being safe.