Kratom in Different Forms – Tinctures and Capsules

Dealing with issues like physical pain, anxiety, lack of sleep, and depression can be quite hard for anyone. Constantly trying to find motivation and how to stay productive in such situations is also quite difficult. And although there are many ways one can deal with such problems, there has been one solution more and more people are turning to – Kratom.

Eastern medicine has, for centuries, been using Kratom to help patients deal with a variety of problems. This natural substance can, through ingestion, reduce anxiety, relieve chronic pain, improve one’s mood, improve productivity and sleep, boost motivation, and improve a person’s overall sense of well-being.

For people dealing with hardcore drug addiction, Kratom has proven an effective aid for getting off of them, while individuals dealing with depression have found it as a lifesaving solution and a great alternative to using medication to improve their mental health.

The plant is legal in numerous countries and when used correctly and in the right doses, it is a safe solution that is also relatively cheap. So, if you are curious to learn more about it and it’s different forms, here are some things to have in mind.


Although the plant is officially called Mitragyna Speciosa, it is better known by its commonly used name Kratom. This is a tropical, evergreen plant in the coffee family that can be found in southeast Asia and is native to countries such as Bali, Malaysia, and others. Its leaves are mostly used for making Kratom products and the plant is known for its stimulative effects and opioid-like properties.

Typically, the plant’s leaves are crushed and turned into fine green powder, although they can also be chewed but should never be smoked.

The Types and Speeds

The product is categorized based on two factors: the country of origin and the leaves’ original color since the powder generally comes in some shade of green.

The country of origin provides different product properties and leaf effects. As such, Thailand provides strains that offer more energetic effects while Bali (Borneo) leaves act more as a sedative and they typically affect an individual in a more calming, relaxing way.

Malaysia provides leaves that are somewhere in between, having a moderate effect. On the other hand, Indonesia offers strains that are quite versatile since they can have a sedative, moderate, or energetic effect on a person.

Now, the combination of a color which can be either yellow, red, green, or white with the place of origin results in the product’s so-called speed which is basically the type of effect the Kratom has on a person. There are three types of speeds to choose from and they include:

Slow strains that promote relaxation, make one feel calm and peaceful and can sometimes evoke extreme feelings of happiness.

Moderate strains are a mix between the other two, so they can greatly boost your energy levels and productivity, but also keep you relaxed at the same time.

Fast strains are true energy boosters that make you more sociable, give you confidence, boost your productivity, and increase your motivation too.

Different Product Forms

Kratom comes in several different forms and can be ingested in a few different ways as well. Here, we will mention only the three most popular types which include powder, capsules, and tinctures.

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As previously mentioned, all types of Kratom are meant to be ingested in some way and never smoked.

  1. Powder

There are several ways powder form can be taken with the first one being simply taking the powder directly and downing it with a glass of water or other beverage such as orange or apple juice to mask any nasty tastes. If you want to get the opioid into your system as quickly as possible, this is one way to do it.

However, if you cannot ingest all of the powder at once, it is completely fine to split your dosage into as many parts as you need. Use a tablespoon or teaspoon as measurement and do not forget to use a beverage to make it easier since the powder typically has a quite unpleasant flavor.

You can also add it to your yogurt, especially if it is a fruit-flavored one since it can help with the taste. On the other hand, it is better to take the product on an empty stomach, so this option might not be optimal. Adding it to your protein shake might be a better, more successful solution. It can also be prepared as a tea.

  1. Capsules

For individuals who are unable to deal with the powder’s not so great taste, capsules might be a better option. Not only will you not taste anything, but you will not have to waste your time preparing beverages and mixing the powder in as well.

These capsules enable you to better control your dose and are more discreet, so you can take them anywhere you are. They are also incredibly convenient, especially during travel.

  1. Tinctures

Compared to the other forms, tinctures are the fastest to start taking effect. The tincture’s taste is also less bitter when compared to powder and it generally affects a bit stronger too. This means you can simply add just a few drops to your beverage or meal. Moreover, for the quickest effect possible, people put a single drop under their tongue and simply swallow it.

The dosage that works best for you is important to know and you can simply discover this by trying different amounts. Although it might seem tiresome, it can actually be a quite fun and enjoyable experience, so start with an extremely small dose and keep increasing it until you find the perfect amount.


No matter whether an individual is dealing with mental issues, physical pain or discomfort, or is generally healthy, Kratom can undoubtedly help anyone improve their overall quality of life. However, for it to be the most effective and safe, utilizing it carefully and correctly is crucial.

If you are considering giving any of the products a try, make sure you are well informed about how to properly use them and be responsible to ensure you get the most out of the product and the entire experience too.