Can Kratom Be Used to Help With Meditation?

Kratom is a renowned herb found in the native jungles of Southeast Asian regions, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. Natives of these regions have been chewing leaves of Kratoms for centuries to relieve pain, to enhance mood and to get a stimulating boost of energy. Kratom leaves are packed with alkaloids and all the health benefits that these Kratoms provide are due to the combination of these alkaloids.

Alkaloids are bioactive compounds and almost 25 alkaloids are present in the Kratoms; among them the two noteworthy alkaloids are Mitragynine and 7 Hydroxymitragynine and the analgesic properties of the Kratoms are mainly due to these alkaloids.

Kratoms offer plenty of health benefits because of their analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-diarrhea, antitussive, psychedelic antagonist, anti-malarial and adrenergic properties. Another key characteristic of the Kratoms is that they are muscle relaxers in nature and promote stimulation while giving a huge boost to the mood.

How Kratom and Meditation are related

Kratoms and Meditation are somewhat related because of the more or less similar effects they both provide.

Meditation is a centuries-old practice of awakening the hidden forces of the personality and to find the healing solutions for the mind and body. Currently, meditation is largely been practiced to relieve stress and overcome anxiety and to relax. Similarly, the notable effects of the Kratom strains include better mood, focus, and concentration, increased motivation, happiness, optimism, and energy boost while providing relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Just like meditation, the effects of the Kratoms are directly linked to immunity, personal upbringing, and therapeutic properties.

Why use Kratom before Meditation?

Apart from being analgesic and anxiolytic, the most important feature of the Kratoms is their nootropic property. Kratoms are naturally occurring nootropics which are beneficial for the overall betterment of the people who take them. Healthy effects of the Kratoms are not only limited to the physical, but the Kratoms are equally effective in enhancing the cognitive abilities of the users.

High-quality Kratoms are natural boosters, stimulants, energizers and motivational agents but finding good quality Kratom is indeed tricky because the market is filled with vendors supplying substandard Kratoms. But once you find a trustworthy vendor, like BC Kratom Canada, you will be amazed at the number of health benefits those premium Kratom strains will provide.

Meditation is the process that requires concentration, precision, and accuracy to be effective and when it’s done after taking Kratoms, the stimulating effects of the Kratoms will help in augmenting the learning process of contemplation during meditation and offers better than usual results.

How does Kratom help focus and productivity during meditation?

Kratoms’ nootropic properties are due to the presence of alkaloids and active compounds like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in them; apart from augmenting the cognition, these compounds work by improving the general mood of the user and giving a boost to the energy. It has been proved through research that Kratoms are beneficial in improving focus which is essential to gain the maximum out of meditation and for increasing productivity.

However, there is a wide range of Kratom strains available in the market, each having its own unique effect. Some Kratom strains are better suited towards relieving pain and anxiety while the others are ideal for boosting energy and improving concentration. Check out the following Kratoms which will help you in your meditation and will make you perform at your best.

Maeng Da

When compared to other Kratom Strains, Maeng Da has a higher concentration of active compounds like alkaloids and flavonoids which contribute to its nootropic properties. Because of this property, Maeng Da has been proved to be quite efficient in enhancing productivity and improving the general mood of the user.

Mitragynine has been found to be the key alkaloid of the Maeng Da and according to research, it has been proved that mitragynine imitates the effect of opioids thus resulting in better concentration and enhanced cognitive abilities.

White Indo Kratom

The primary property of the White Indo Kratom is to enhance mood and subside pain but it is also very helpful in boosting energy which will then enhance your capacity to work harder.

White Indo Kratom is a potent Kratom and is supposed to be 17 times more powerful than morphine mainly because of the high alkaloid content especially 7 – hydroxymitragynine. Because of its composition, White Indo Kratom is well-known for providing the calming effect along with improving your focus and concentration.

Super Green Malay

Some Kratom strains are known for their mood-enhancing property, some are beneficial for mental stimulation while some provide relaxation but when it comes to Super Green Malay, this is one Kratom strain that provides all these effects at once. This is because of its unique composition which is a moderate blend of different alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.  As compared to other Kratom strains, Super Green Malay offers higher mental stimulating capacity which results in enhanced concentration, productivity, and hard work all that is required for meditation.

Role of Kratom in different types of Meditation

Meditation is not a single exercise or practice but it comprises different activities with more or less same personality-focused and relaxation-focused goals. Check out what role Kratom strains play in different meditation practices.

  •   Guided Meditation – This is an imagery technique in which the user imagines the relaxing things, places or situations. Mostly fragrances or relaxing music is used to start this practice; however, if a substantial amount of Kratom is consumed before a guided meditation, it will provide more purposeful results.
  •   Mantra Meditation – This practice involves repeating a couple of ‘mantras’ or phrases to maintain focus and to gain a peaceful mind. The end result will be more accurate if the meditation will be done after taking some Kratom.
  •   Qi gong – This is a Chinese meditation practice that comprises several body postures, breathing control and actions. Qi Gong enhances the mental abilities to balance all of these and when Kratoms are taken beforehand as wellness supplements, they will make this meditation practice more fruitful.
  •   Yoga – This is one of the most common types of spiritual practices which involves a combination of breathing control exercises and body postures. For yoga to be more beneficial and to promote better mind and body accuracy of the positions and practices is essential and to find the perfect balance between the two, a standard dose of Kratom is really helpful.


Meditation is the practice of healing mind and body with the help of the positive energy the person has within. Kratom is also distinguished for its notable medicinal and recreational benefits. When these two are combined, they will offer exceptional health benefits for both the mind and body. However, it’s always advised to stay cautious about the dosage of the Kratoms as the just-right dose is essential to gain the desired results. Try different strains, find your sweet spot and combine it with your meditation practices for a better insight into your personality and life.