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Millions of people suffer from anxiety all around the world. When combating an invisible disease, it is really hard to explain to ourselves and the people around us what is happening to us. This is said to be a modern-day condition, even though there are reports that people have been suffering from it since the beginning of time.

Right now, there is no exact cure for this condition, but there are things that can help you out with the signs and the symptoms. It is said that herbal medicine is one of the best when it comes to comping when you’re feeling anxious, and some people report that they can even cure the condition.

Here we are going to tell you more about the symptoms of anxiety and which herbs are said to help with this condition. You should always talk to your doctor before trying out new medicines, and to make sure you are safe.

Anxiety symptoms

The statistic shows that every person has a different way of experiencing anxiety, and the intensity can depend on the situation or the specific anxiety attack. Many people who experience this condition have not been properly diagnosed and they are usually left to cope with the symptoms on their own.

Unfortunately, this health condition is not recognized in all parts of the world, and some people are even getting accused of faking it or making it sound worse than it actually is. If you are suffering from this condition, you should not be ashamed of it, because it is something that is not your fault. On the contrary, you should surround yourself with people who can offer you emotional support and that are there for you every step of the way.

The anxiety symptoms can vary from increased heartbeat and feeling stressed, agitated, or sad, up to having trouble breathing, claustrophobia, and lightheadedness. You may even feel like you are in danger and have a panic attack without any apparent reason. Some people may experience trouble sleeping, they can have trouble concentrating and you may even have stomach problems.

There is no known cure for this condition right now, but there are ways that you can use to calm yourself down and cope with the symptoms. It is said that the best way to treat the symptoms is medicines that can be prescribed by a doctor, but if you are not looking for something that strong, and if you want to try and treat your anxiety naturally, there are a lot of different herb products that can help you with your symptoms.

Herbal Medicine

Studies show that there are some herbs that can help with easing the anxiety, they can lower the stress levels and they can promote feelings of relaxation. Let’s talk about the herbs, plants, and trees that could help you combat the symptoms.


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This Southeastern Asian tree has been used in native medicine for a long time. Nowadays it is becoming more popular in other cultures as well. There are several different strains of it, and it is said that the green Kratom can help you the best with relieving stress and promoting feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Kratom Rack suggests that you should take lower doses of it if you want to feel happy, euphoric, and focused, and higher doses are used to promote relaxation and can even help you fall asleep faster.


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Marijuana is said to be the miracle plant, as there are a lot of health benefits prescribed to it. The CBD oils are legal in almost every part of the world, and the THC products are beginning to get legalized in more and more places.

When you take a product that contains cannabidiol, you will instantly feel relief, you will feel happier and it can help calm your mind down. Depending on how strong your anxiety is, you can try with different products, and see which one helps you the most.


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This plant is the main ingredient in most sleeping pills, and it can help you feel less stressed. Users report that after taking it for a few days, it calms them down and promotes a better and healthier life. There are usually two types of pills – daytime and nighttime. The first one will help you focus without feeling agitated, and the second will help you sleep better.

There are no studies on how it affects people long-term, so you should not take it for more than a month. After a few weeks, take a break for a week or two of valerian, and then continue using it.


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The flowers of the chamomile are used to help with a lot of different conditions. They can help you out when you have digestion problems, when you are in pain, and they can help you relax.

Many people are using it when they suffer from insomnia, and it is also used to help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. If you are using any blood-thinners, you should not drink chamomile tea, as it can cause bleeding. You should also pay attention if you are allergic to any of the flowers that follow under the chamomile family of plants.


Even though these medicines are completely natural, they can still have side effects. Because of that, you should always consult with a doctor before you try something new, and you should pay a lot of attention to the right dosage.

Some of these herbs can be consumed in large quantities, but others need to be dosed with precision. If you are not sure what you should try, you should talk to an expert and ask for their opinion. If you decide to try marijuana or Kratom, then you should get an expert’s opinion before you try for the first time. Pay attention to the possible side effects, and if you notice any, then you should either stop using the products or lower the dosage. Always be safe with the new medicine you are trying out and remember that some of them can help more than others.