Tips on Keeping Your Kratom Tolerance Down

We’ve all heard the saying, “Everything in moderation.” Like most herbal remedies, if you consume the tropical plant Kratom regularly, you may begin to notice that you’re not feeling its effects as strongly as you once did. This isn’t your imagination — chances are, you’ve developed a tolerance that has changed the way your system responds to Kratom’s benefits. 

If you want to start enjoying a more powerful boost from your favorite Kratom products again, there are a handful of things you can do to help your body maintain or regain its sensitivity to this botanical. Here are some handy tips on keeping your Kratom tolerance down. 

What is Kratom Tolerance?

Just as you can develop a tolerance to other herbal remedies, drinks, and foods, such as coffee and sugar, your body can develop a tolerance to Kratom. The more you consume Kratom — whether in leaf, powder, or some other form — the less sensitive your system becomes to it. 

While every individual reacts differently to Kratom, most users can expect to develop a mild resistance to the plant and its effects over time. Whether it’s a less noticeable feeling of motivation, alertness, or cheerfulness with daytime strains like green and white Kratom or a less obvious sense of peace and calm with the red variety of Kratom, you’ll likely build a gradual tolerance as time goes on. You can usually track your tolerance in three stages: The honeymoon phase, the sweet spot, and the slippery slope.

Like the start of a new relationship, the honeymoon phase can be characterized as the wonderful beginning of something new. In this stage, you’ll enjoy the botanical’s benefits for the first time and likely at their most potent level. While it’s new, exciting, and blissful, it, unfortunately, doesn’t last forever. 

Next, you’ll ease into the sweet spot, which is when you know exactly which strains you enjoy best, your optimal dosage, and more. This is a great place to be, and by following some pro tips, you can enjoy this stage for an extended period. 

After you’ve been in the Kratom game for a while, your body will start to adjust to the herb, and you may notice that you don’t feel its benefits as easily, quickly, or strongly. When you hit this stage, you can fall into a slippery slope in which you continue to enjoy the same strains and amounts, with decreasing effects. But don’t fret — you can get out of this slump. 

Kratom tolerance is a normal bodily response that is relatively easy to identify and address. While you can almost always expect a decreasing sensitivity to Kratom over time, you can help mitigate this biological response by avoiding certain habits and introducing new ones to maintain that sweet spot. 

Same Strain Syndrome

One of the most common culprits of increased Kratom tolerance is Same Strain Syndrome. This can happen when a user takes a single strain of Kratom regularly, and their body develops a tolerance to that strain’s particular alkaloid profile and composition. 

While it’s easy to want to keep taking your favorite strain, reducing the amount and frequency you indulge in a particular strain can help you get back to enjoying a more potent Kratom experience. 

How to Reduce Your Kratom Tolerance

So, you’ve lost the sweet spot and are looking for a way to enjoy Kratom regularly without continually increasing your dose. What now? 

Thankfully, there are a handful of steps you can take to get back to the ideal tolerance level, including taking a quick break, scheduling your dosages, switching strains, adding a potentiator, and buying high-quality Kratom. 

  • Take a Break

If you’re finding your usual dose of Kratom isn’t giving you the results you want, one of the simplest ways to reset is to take a break from Kratom. By not consuming Kratom for just a few days, you can effectively reduce your tolerance and return to your normal dosage and all its benefits. 

  • Schedule Your Dosages and Switch Strains 

Another great way to nip this stagnant period in the bud is to develop a schedule and rotate strains. Just as tracking your doses and their effects is helpful when you first start taking Kratom to determine which strains and how much to take, you can resume this habit to help you maintain a healthy mix.

Start recording every time you take a dose, including which strain and how much. After a few days have passed, look back on your schedule and notes, and assess how it’s working for you. The more you can switch up your strains and space out when you indulge in Kratom, the less likely you will grow a tolerance. 

Your schedule could look something like this: Green Kratom in your morning smoothie to kickstart your day and enhance your feeling of well-being, followed by a cup of tea with red Kratom to help you unwind and find feelings of tranquility and calm. Every two days, limit yourself to one Kratom product or take a break for a couple of days. 

You can also choose proprietary blends, such as Yellow Maeng Da or Digital Buddha. These blends mix the best properties of red, white, and/or green vein Kratom strains to give your routine a notable boost.

Whatever you choose, setting and sticking to a schedule that rotates strains can help you keep a healthy Kratom regimen.

  • Use a Potentiator 

If you’re struggling to stick to a schedule or can’t easily rotate between strains, you may wish to consider using a natural Kratom potentiator. For instance, taking a magnesium supplement about half an hour before your Kratom can help you digest and process the botanical more quickly and reduce your tolerance. 

While you should strive to institute breaks in your Kratom routine and follow a healthy schedule, adding a potentiator can help ensure a stronger bodily reaction if you aren’t getting the kick you want. 

  • Buy Quality Kratom

As the Kratom industry continues to grow, it’s also essential to make sure you’re purchasing pure Kratom. When you buy from a reputable supplier that conducts third-party lab testing and can provide proof of authenticity, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting 100% pure Kratom with no harmful fillers or additives. 

The Takeaway

Mild Kratom tolerance is a normal bodily reaction that can happen to any user who regularly enjoys Kratom. However, by taking breaks, switching strains, setting a schedule, and purchasing only the highest quality Kratom, you can help keep your tolerance down and continue to enjoy the powerful benefits of this natural remedy.