The Mystery about Yellow Kratom is Now Solved

As you already know, kratom powder comes from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, the same family with coffee. Originally, kratom had three most popular strains; the green, white and red strains. Recently, cultivators have developed a new strain, the yellow kratom, with more benefits than its counterparts.

The new strain is slowly stealing the show with its impeccable effects on consumers. Yellow kratom is neither too strong nor too weak compared to the other three strains, but its effects last longer. However, nobody has a clear idea of the origin of yellow kratom. Lucky for you, you can get to know the mystery behind its origin and uses.

Theories Behind the Origin of Yellow Kratom

Naturally, kratom color varies depending on the area of origin or the time of harvest. The color could also be due to drying or a change in the mode of cultivation. For the yellow kratom, it’s still unclear what yields the unique strain, but these theories try to shed some light on what could:

1. Grafting

The yellow strain could be a mixture of the three strains. Some people believe that the yellow color comes from mixing the red, green, and white strains then fermenting the mixture.

2. Aging

The aging process of the Golden Monk kratom leaves could give rise to the yellow strain. Another group believes that when kratom farmers harvest the kratom leaves after an extended period, the leaves’ aging could cause a yellow color.

3. Drying

The yellow strain could be the result of different drying techniques. For instance, drying a mixture of white and green kratom leaves indoors could yield yellow kratom. Others believe drying the red kratom leaves for an extended period could result in yellow kratom.

Uses of Yellow Kratom

The yellow kratom provides both a stimulating effect as well as a calming effect. Depending on the needs of the consumer, the yellow kratom offers a slow but long-lasting effect. You can smoke the yellow kratom, make herbal tea, or juice to enjoy the benefits. However, factors like weight and dose of the powder could affect the results of the yellow kratom. Below are some of its uses.

1. To Boost Energy Levels

If you are not a fan of coffee but still want an energy boost, yellow kratom is a better choice. From the fact that its effects are not too strong or too weak, it’s a good choice for steady energy levels. You, however, need to be careful with the dosage, depending on the occasion or activities afterward.

2. Relief for pain

People that struggle with chronic pain may become addicted to painkillers, which is not healthy. Yellow kratom would be the best choice since its effects are long-lasting, and it’s a natural remedy.

3. Stress and Anxiety Reliever

Yellow kratom can help reduce cortisol in the brain that causes stress and anxiety. With its effects being more long-term than most remedies, patients experience reduced stress for the long term.

Different Yellow Kratom Strains

Depending on the different manufacturing methods, there are several strains of yellow kratom, as discussed below:

1. Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam is one of the most popular strains and the most potent. A small dose of this kratom is effective for treating anxiety and providing relaxation. Yellow kratom grows near the Mekong Delta and is said to contain more alkaloids than other strains. Due to its powerful effects, many people compare the yellow kratom to the Maeng Da kratom strain.

2. Yellow Sumatra Kratom

A mixture of green and white kratom leaves helps achieve the yellow Sumatra kratom. It is the most demanded yellow kratom strain but rare in most online stores. People who do not like the regular kratom strain’s bitter taste prefer it because it is fragrant and tasty.

3. Yellow Bali Kratom

The yellow Bali kratom strain is a mixture of white and green Bali leaves. It is more famous for its excellent pain-relieving effects and energy boost. A small dose of this kratom strain for people with chronic pain goes a long way.

4. Yellow Malay Kratom

The yellow Malay kratom is very potent and is a great energy booster. It is also great for your focus, and its effects are more long-lasting. Most people compare it to the green Malay kratom, only that the yellow version is more of an upgrade.

5. Yellow Thai Kratom

Some manufacturers make the yellow Thai kratom from a mixture of white and green leaves. The color of the mixture changes through oxidation, yielding to the yellow Thai kratom. It is one of the rarest yellow kratoms. The strain serves as a good energy boost, increases concentration, and a good stress reliever.


Due to the fantastic results yellow kratom has, it might outdo a lot of other kratom strains. However, it is good to note that dosage is essential. As a consumer, you need to be cautious about the amount you take. Although it’s not very strong, it is advisable to start on a small dose and work your way up.