Is Kratom Tea Healthy and Does it Have Caffeine?

Have you heard of kratom? It is a form of tea that is still not widely used, but it is becoming more popular. In 2021, only 1% of Americans used kratom. However, that percentage is gradually growing.

If you are interested in using it, you probably have one question on your mind:

Does kratom tea have caffeine?

Many people are using kratom tea as a replacement for coffee. They say that it is better and more effective in terms of its health benefits and most importantly it does not have caffeine. It can even help people maintain a healthy weight.

Caffeine is the single most important substance in coffee. In fact, it is what most people drink coffee for. It is considered to be a stimulant, which means that it can boost energy, alertness, and focus. Caffeine will keep you awake when you need to.