Handy Tips to Consider Before You Buy Kratom

Whether you’re new to the Kratom world or just considering buying from a new company, it’s always good to know what to look for when you buy Kratom. Besides looking for a company with a large selection of powders and capsules, you also want to ensure the product is sourced responsibly and that the Kratom is safe and regularly checked for consistency and any problems. 

Follow these handy tips before you buy, and you’ll always have a tasty, potent product from a reliable company.

1. Research Kratom

If you’ve never tried Kratom before, it’s essential that you read up about it before your first time. Reliable companies are happy to answer any questions you may have about dosage and benefits, but you can also do your own research online.

Look into blogs and scientific articles that detail the benefits of Kratom, and learn about how to determine your dosage and what the different options are for taking Kratom. 

Learning about where Kratom comes from is also essential to determining the professionality of a Kratom supplier. Kratom comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa, a tree that’s a member of the coffee plant family. It grows throughout Southeast Asia, flourishing in the humid environment. Historically, people in the region have enjoyed Kratom for various purposes, from helping soothe sore bodies after a long day of manual labor to encouraging tired workers to make it through the day.

Because Kratom primarily grows in Southeast Asia, companies must import it into the US. Knowing which farmers the company works with can help you choose the best vendor for your needs.

2. Consider Methods of Taking Kratom

There are several ways to take Kratom. While all have the same result, many Kratom users prefer specific methods. Your first consideration when purchasing Kratom is to decide whether you want Kratom powder or Kratom capsules.

While Kratom capsules are sometimes more expensive, they are also more convenient. Instead of measuring the correct dosage and spending time steeping tea, you can just swallow a capsule on-the-go. Particularly if you want your Kratom for a work trip or vacation, capsules are a fantastic option.

However, many users prefer Kratom powder because of its versatility. Traditionally, people make a Kratom tea, often flavoring it with honey or herbal teas to hide the bitter taste. While Kratom tea is an excellent option, you can make smoothies, juices, chocolate, and baked goods with your Kratom to add variety to your day.

You may want to try a mixture of both capsules and powder, or just try one at a time. Ask the company you’re buying from for their recommendations for a particular strain. 

3. Research the Company

When purchasing anything that’s going into your body, it’s essential you research the company and its commitment to quality control. Avoid companies that charge too little since pure Kratom is expensive, and extremely low prices could indicate that the product isn’t pure or tested.

You should also only purchase Kratom from a company that lab tests its Kratom powder. Lab testing reveals impurities in the Kratom, which, if unnoticed, could make you sick. Legitimate companies provide their lab test results to their customers free of charge, often with a QR code or a website link. 

Additionally, check that the company provides information about where their product comes from. High-quality companies have long-term relationships with farmers in Southeast Asia and often use organic farming practices to ensure a high-quality, safe product. 

The company’s website should also give information about the drying and processing steps. To create Kratom powder, farmers must first pick the leaves and then dry them before pulverizing. This process differs depending on the color of the strain, with red Kratom receiving the most sunlight and white strain Kratom drying in a dark room. 

4. Learn the Strains

There are countless strains of Kratom available, with more versions released regularly. Before placing your first order, you should have an idea of what benefits you can receive from each color of Kratom strain and which particular strains fit your situation best. 

When choosing a strain, look online for reviews about the benefits of the ones you’re interested in. Many people blog about their experiences with different Kratom strains, which can help you choose the right one for you.

Red Kratom

Red Kratom can help you induce a sense of calm, and many users recommend these strains to help you wind down before bed. It can also promote a feeling of optimism and overall wellbeing. Some common varieties of red Kratom include Red Borneo, Red Bali, and Red Maeng Da.  

Green Kratom

Green Kratom is known for its ability to improve your mindset and help boost your optimism and alertness. Consumer-favorite strains include Super Green Kratom, Green Bali Kratom, and Green Maeng Da Kratom. 

White Kratom

Most people prefer to take the white Kratom strain in the morning before a strenuous day at work. It can boost your motivation and help you seize the day. Popular strains include White Elephant Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom, and White Sunda Kratom. 

Other Varieties

There are many specialty blends available, as well as yellow and gold varieties of Kratom. These are less common, so always ask the company for information about each blend’s benefits. 

Talk With the Company

If you aren’t sure about something, reach out to the company. Many Kratom suppliers have online customer support who can help you determine the best strain for you, answer questions you have about their quality control, and help you understand the lab results. If the company doesn’t respond to your questions or is unhelpful, you may want to go elsewhere.

Following these tips can help ensure you always get high-quality, pure Kratom every purchase.

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