Does White Elephant Kratom Help Students To Concentrate Better?

Getting yourself to concentrate on any of the million tasks you have to do as a student can be virtually impossible at times. With all the homework, assignments, papers, and projects just staring you down from your desk when you’re running on two hours of sleep, it’s often easier to just give up and start procrastinating. There’s only one problem – you can’t do that.

Instead, you need to find ways to increase your focus.

More and more students are turning to natural stimulants like the white elephant kratom in an attempt to boost their energy levels, uplift mood, and improve concentration. Does it work? Maybe. Learn more about the white elephant kratom below, and determine whether it can help you become a better student.

White elephant kratom origins

White elephant kratom is a subtype of the more common white Indo kratom. Originating from the heart of Sumatra, this tree in the coffee family is renowned for the numerous beneficial properties that make it a beloved natural remedy.

Its strange name comes from the fact that this kratom species boasts white veins on its larger than usual leaves, which are often said to resemble elephant ears.

Although this plant has only recently become popular among students in the western world, it’s been used by Southeast Asian farmers and workers in need of some extra energy for generations.

What makes white elephant kratom different

All kratom plants are known for their unique pharmacological properties, but not all are identical. Primarily, there are noticeable differences between the main three kratom varieties – green, red, and white.

Green kratom is the most common variety. Depending on the dosage, it could stimulate or sedate you.

Red kratom acts the most like an opiate. Its sedating properties help relieve pain and calm you down, making it a less than ideal choice if you’re a student struggling with concentration.

White kratom is generally the most potent. It’s a strong stimulant that could boost energy and make you feel almost euphoric. Considering that white elephant kratom has physically larger leaves, it also has a higher concentration of alkaloids, making its effects all the more powerful.

Does it help with concentration and focus?

The alkaloids found in white elephant kratom can stimulate the brain and increase your concentration with relative ease, allowing you to stay focused on any task at hand. However, you’ll want to be very careful with the dosage if you want to enjoy the benefits.

As mentioned, white elephant kratom is powerful. If you take a higher dose than recommended, it could prove to be over-stimulating, making you jittery and anxious. It could even make it more difficult to focus as your thoughts will be flying all over the place.

You’ll want to start with a low dose, then slowly increase it until you get the desired results. Don’t forget to let the kratom take effect. Depending on your intake method, it could take a few hours until it peaks, so don’t take another dose too quickly.

Other benefits of white elephant kratom

Besides helping you focus (with the correct dose), white elephant kratom has other potentially beneficial effects.

It’s known for being a great mood enhancer. Even at a tiny dose, it can increase your serotonin and dopamine (also known as “happy hormones”) levels, making you feel optimistic and joyful. If you tend to struggle with depression and similar mood disorders, you might want to talk to your doctor about giving white elephant kratom a try.

Another benefit of this kratom strain is that it can take your energy levels through the roof. You could feel more awake and more motivated to take on the day.

How to use it

If you want to boost your concentration and study better with the help of white elephant kratom, you need to know how to use it. The good news is that it isn’t that hard.

Kratom most commonly comes in the form of a powder. Sometimes, the powder is conveniently dosed inside a capsule, so you can simply take the capsule with some water and forget about it.

If you get loose powder kratom, you’ll want to change the consumption method. You could place a bit of powder directly on your tongue then get it down with a glass of water, but you might be overwhelmed by the strong taste.

Instead, brew the powder into a tea. Simply measure out your dose, pour some hot (not boiling) water over it, and let it rest. Add milk, sugar, or lemon to taste, and enjoy.

Final thoughts

White elephant kratom can be just the thing you need to improve your concentration and become a better student. Just be careful with it – it’s a potent stimulant that has a different effect on every user, so start with the lowest possible dose, then slowly work your way up if you need.