CBD Kratom is Helping Line Goers Relax on Thanksgiving Evening – Suburban Journals

Holidays…time for family, giving thanks, and mobs of people flooding retail stores to get the best deals on products. Kratom vendors want to help by encouraging stress-free shopping on Thanksgiving evening. One popular retail chain located throughout St. Louis area, will choose 2-3 locations and hand out over $40 in free CBD products and coupons to people waiting in lines for stores to open. Items include CBD edibles to help relieve stress, chapstick to fight chapped lips and pain cream for sore feet from waiting in line. There might also be CBD-infused coffee to help tolerate the cold evening. “We want to encourage relaxation and anxiety-free shopping” says Vice President Dafna Revah. “And is there a better time or way to show the positive effects of CBD than on tired and stressed out crowds?”

Revah and her husband David Palatnik opened the first retail location in Chicago in 2016. Now, the company has over 28 locations throughout St. Louis, Dallas, Houston and Chicago. “We carry over 300 different CBD products and 50 Kratom strains,” says Revah. “It’s hard to find that selection anywhere else.”

What if you are not one of the lucky people to get free goodies? Palatnik says, “It’s ok., we still have a prize for you as well. Text CBDSTL to 87573 and next time you visit our store, you will get a pack of free CBD gummies.”