Red Bubble Kratom: How it Works & What To Expect

Do we benefit from all the alkaloids and essential components that are not released from the kratom product? The answer is not a clear yes or no, but we do know that some methods of consumption do not allow all the alkaloids to release in the body, hence we cannot benefit from them. This inability to release alkaloids has given way to the Red Bubble Kratom.

What is Red Bubble Kratom

Red Bubble is a technique to use kratom so that all the alkaloids are available for our body organs to benefit from. This technique involves freezing kratom with water, to get the maximum effects of the refreshing and energizing natural supplement.

The method of freezing kratom to maximize alkaloid release from the solid form is called Red Bubble kratom. This technique crushes the molecular walls of ketum, exposing all the alkaloids for consumption.

When kratom powder is frozen with water, the kratom forms a red bubble on the surface of the ice. The appearance of this type of kratom gives it a unique name. Even if you use a green vein kratom strain, the appearance of the block of ice with that powder is the same. You can prepare the Redbubble Kratom with any kind of ketum strain, and the appearance remains the same. This product remains popular because of its efficacy as well as its unique name.

How Does Red Bubble Kratom Work

When you freeze kratom powder with water, the water molecules freeze to burst open the kratom molecules. This action leads to the release of alkaloids in the powder. This opening up of kratom molecules results in liberating the alkaloids for usage.

The Redbubble Kratom is thawed to consume, hence ingesting a burst of alkaloids in this form. Users can benefit greatly and feel more energized and refreshed due to the abundance of alkaloids in their kratom feed.

Even when consumers use kratom powder, there are many components that are not digested, and therefore get wasted. Similarly, we do not chew pills and tablets and the powder passes into our stomach. Most alkaloids are digested, but some still do not become available.

The Redbubble Kratom technique is another way of making maximum use of kratom alkaloids. Just like liquid kratom tinctures have become popular for providing alkaloids in concentration, the Bubble Red Kratom is catching popularity due to its ability to make all the contents of the kratom powder available.

What’s the On-set of Bubble Red Kratom

With other kratom products such as powders and pills, the kratom is digested and then the alkaloids are exposed. However, when you use Redbubble kratom, the alkaloids of kratom are already free to impact. This fast action of alkaloids means that the on-set of Bubble Kratom is faster and stronger. While all kratom products are effective and refreshing, the Bubble Kratom can be compared with the strongest as it provides not only a quick but strong impact.

How to prepare Redbubble Kratom

As you know by now, Bubble Kratom is made by freezing water and ketum powder. However, some other ingredients are also added to maximize the release of alkaloids. These ingredients help in making your Red Kratom stronger by enhancing the impact of these alkaloids as well.

For example, citric acid is used to not only release the alkaloids from within the molecular walls of ketum but also refreshes and invigorates the senses. Here is a simple and efficient method of preparing Red Bubbles Kratom by yourself.

All you need for this easy yet effective form of Mitragyna Speciosa is:

  • A clean container
  • Kratom powder
  • Lemon juice. You can even use apple cider vinegar, or apple juice, or citric acid
  • Boiling water

All you need to do is place a generous dosage of your kratom powder in the container. It can be as much as two tablespoons, if you know your optimum dosage and can divide the frozen Redbubble kratom into portions. However, one tablespoon is sufficient for the preparation. Mix lemon juice or any acid that you prefer.

  • Stir this mixture until it reaches a thick liquid consistency
  • Leave it for ten minutes, so that it can set well
  • Gradually add boiling water and stir. Keep in mind that the quantity of water must be comparable with the think acid and ketum mix in the container

You can use cold water as well, but the red bubble on the surface only comes with hot water!

Now put the mixture in the freezer for a few hours, until you see the Red Bubble Kratom ready.

Thaw this potion and heat slowly. Now, this potion has free alkaloids but if you wish to make it more potent, you can refreeze and thaw a few times.

Why is an acid added while preparing Bubble Red Kratom?

Lemon or any other acid of your choice dissolves kratom alkaloids. Similarly, the acid in our stomach also dissolves the majority of the alkaloids, which get absorbed in the body. However, the intestinal tract is not long enough for all alkaloids to get absorbed along the passage till kratom is expelled from the body. With the use of lemon or any other acid, you are increasing the bioavailability of alkaloids in ketum

This addition of acid makes your kratom dosage stronger, and more potent. The alkaloids act quickly, and for a longer period. If you are absorbing almost half the alkaloid content of your kratom powder, the Bubble Kratom makes it possible for you to enhance the absorption to more than 80% of the kratom feed!

Next time, instead of using kratom powder to brew tea, or consuming it through wash and toss, try the Red Bubble potion as it will enhance the effects of your regular dosage.

Ideal Ways to use Redbubble Kratom

Once you freeze your potent potion, thawing and warming enhance the alkaloid impact. This warm potion can be used like a tea. You can prepare the Red Bubble Kratom with the daily optimal amount of kratom powder. This preparation will ensure that your daily dose is constant, while the impact is much more significant.

You can also use the iced Red Bubble Kratom in smoothies or as slush. The cool kratom potion will refresh your senses and improve focus.

Another way to use this potion is by diluting it with orange juice, or any cool beverage of your choice. The impact of alkaloids remains strong in every way of consumption. However, many people suggest using Red Bubble tea, as it soothes the senses and simultaneously energizes.

Not a fan of tea? No problem! You can try mixing the Red Bubble Kratom to your morning coffee. Users have tried this and they claim that it invigorates them and prepares them for the day.

Any side effects?

According to a majority of users, the only effects of Red Bubble Kratom are energy boost, motivation, quick on-set, and a long-lasting impact. However, if you have a weak stomach you might suffer a bout of diarrhea. This side effect is very short and only occurs if you were not able to take the right dosage.

The Red Bubble Kratom remains potent and a good way to consume this organic substance. If you are unable to follow your daily dose, it might cause slight discomfort, but they are only temporary.

Freezing – A Potentiator For Bubble Kratom

Before Bubble Kratom became a popular way of consumption, freezing kratom was also common practice to enhance the potency. The principle of Cell Lysis works even if you freeze kratom in the form of powder or dried leaves. The changes in the organic substance at the molecular level make it stronger and users can benefit from the higher bioavailability of kratom. So one can say that freezing acts as a potentiator for kratom.

A potentiator is an ingredient that, when added to kratom, enhances its impact. Citrus juice, turmeric, cinnamon, and essential oils are some famous potentiators. Freezing kratom is considered a ‘potentiator’. This term describes any agent that is mixed with Speciosa Mitragyna to enhance its efficacy. Freezing is not an ingredient, but this action helps break the plant cell walls, making the rich alkaloids accessible.

Can You Daily Use Bubble Red Kratom

Since the Red Bubble potion allows greater accessibility, many users question whether they can consume this potion daily. The answer to this question is, yes. Users have consumed Red Bubble Kratom daily for not weeks or months, but years. These users say that this potion refreshes them and keeps them feeling positive.

Is Red Bubble Safe With Other Kratom Strains

Red Bubble kratom is a process to release alkaloids from within the plant cells and enhance the impact. You can use any kind of strain and its unique effects will become more powerful and long-lasting as this potion. The Red Bubble Kratom is not specifically restricted to any type of Speciosa Mitragyna, as it is only a method of enhancement.

We must mention here that the quality of kratom is of great importance. You can use any kind of ketum, but make sure that it is fresh, and from a good online shop that guarantees authentic ketum products. The quality of kratom powder can impact the RedBubble Kratom, although the type of this substance does not limit users from preparing this potion.

Final Thoughts

Bubble Red Kratom is a simple yet effective way of improving the availability of kratom alkaloids. Users can follow easy steps to prepare this potion and use it to feel the impact of ketum faster, and stronger. This method of consumption is safe for daily use, and also is an enjoyable way of consuming your daily dose. There are many ways in which you can consume the Redbubble Kratom. Try all of them and let us know your experience!