Making Kratom Taste Better

If you’ve ever taken kratom, you are familiar with its… earthy flavor. It has been described as grassy or herbal. While some people don’t mind the taste of kratom, many people prefer to hide the flavor with something else. We’ve got some tried and true favorites for getting down your kratom dose and enjoying it, too!

Why Take Kratom?

If you haven’t taken kratom and aren’t familiar with its earthy notes, you may be wondering what kratom is and why you would take it. Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tree related to coffee that is native to Southeast Asia. Kratom as we know it is made by harvesting the leaves of the kratom tree, drying them, and grinding them into a powder. Kratom has been in use for centuries in traditional medicine practices to fight pain and ward off fatigue.

Today, kratom is used for the same reasons. Most people that take kratom in the west do so for its pain-relieving qualities as an alternative to harsh prescription opiates. Kratom is also used to relieve opiate withdrawal in people kicking the habit, as a morning alternative to coffee for a lasting energy boost, or, conversely, as a nighttime sleep aid for those who struggle with insomnia.

How To Take Kratom

If you’re not opposed to the taste of kratom, you can simply “toss and wash” — taking your dose of kratom powder directly into your mouth, and washing it down with your choice of liquid. Just be careful to swallow the kratom powder, not inhale it.

Alternately, most kratom suppliers offer their products in kratom capsules. This creates a reliable, easy-to-dose way to take kratom, as well as bypassing its natural flavor all together!

Masking the Kratom Flavor

If you are one of the many kratom users who would prefer not to experience the kratom flavor to its full extent, we’ve got a few ideas for you to try!

Toss and Wash

Toss and Wash has already been mentioned as an effective way to get down your kratom dose. But the choice of liquid that you use to wash down your kratom can have a big impact on the flavor! You can try different juices, teas, or any other liquid you desire and see what works for you. A big customer favorite is orange juice! The citrusy flavor reportedly compliments the kratom remarkably well.

Kratom Tea

Many people choose to make tea out of their daily kratom dose as an alternative to morning coffee. You simply boil water, add your desired dose of kratom, let it steep, strain it, and then add any other flavors or sweeteners you like. You can add sugar, stevia, or any other sweeteners to make the kratom flavor more palatable. Many people also enjoy a squeeze of lemon in their kratom tea.

Kratom Smoothies

If you’re not ready to let go of your morning coffee just yet, a kratom smoothie might be for you! Just add your kratom dose to the smoothie of your choice. The fun part will be deciding which you like best — smoothie possibilities are endless! Not only will this method help mask the kratom flavor, but you’ll also be getting all of those good vitamins and nutrients from your smoothie ingredients.

Kratom Chocolate

Making kratom chocolate is easier than it sounds, and is another great way to mask that kratom taste. You only need three ingredients: your chocolate of choice, coconut oil, and kratom powder! All you need to do is slowly melt the chocolate, add in the coconut oil and kratom, and mix well. Pour this mixture into molds or a tray, and refrigerate until solidified. Just be sure to account for how much kratom you added to your chocolate, and divide the chocolate into appropriate serving sizes for your desired dose.

Making Kratom Taste Better: So Many Options

The list above is certainly not exhaustive of all the creative ways people find to mask the flavor of kratom. We’ve heard of customers adding it to yogurt, pancake mix, and even peanut butter! Who knows what crazy combination will turn out to be crazy good? If you’re curious about kratom, take advantage of offers for free kratom samples to try before making a commitment.