Maeng Da Kratom Review: Effects, Side Effects & Where Should You Buy?

Native to Southeast Asia, Kratom is a tropical tree being used as traditional medicine for ages. Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is known for its exceptional healing powers.

It has a lot of varieties that can be put to use for medicinal and recreational purposes. Maeng Da Kratom is one such popular variety known for its alkaloid content.

Taking the right dosage of Maeng Da can help in alleviating chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and imparts mental clarity. It braces you up for the daily grind by giving an energy boost.

Read on to find out more about its potencies and understand how it restores your inner calm.

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da Kratom is a premium quality kratom that traces its origins to Thailand. It was named after a water bug called Lethocerus Indicus. Maeng Da is also found in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is roughly translated into ‘pimp’ or ‘pimp grade’ strain in Thai. This is a Thai slang used to market the kratom.

It was produced using grafting, a technique where tissues of different plants are combined together to breed distinct qualities of each plant into a new strain. The Kratom grows on tall trees in the right climatic conditions of tropical regions.

This herbal compound has a bright green hue and pleasant aroma that pleases the users. It is mostly available in both powder and capsule form.

It carries alkaloids like hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine and flavonoids that add to its strength and make it potent. Due to the high alkaloid content, the leaves of the Maeng Da Kratom are dark in color. Thus, the powder prepared after crushing the leaves is even darker. This makes it easy to identify this kratom.

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most potent Kratom strains. It relieves pain, enhances the mood, and works as a stimulant. It relaxes the body and produces a soothing effect all over.

The strains energize and make you alert like caffeine does but without the jitters. Maeng Da even reduces anxiety and depression provided it is taken in the recommended dose.

Types of Maeng Da Kratom

Like any other Kratom, Maeng Da also has a red, green, and white type. All these strains are equally potent and deliver the benefits as promised. Let’s discuss these strains further.

#1. Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da derives its name from the color of the veins of the plant. It is actually dark green in color. It grows in the hot and humid environment of SouthEast Asia and is then processed into powder form to be consumed. It is also available in the form of tinctures and capsules.

It is a powerful strain with long-lasting effects. You can expect a considerable improvement in your cognitive abilities and focus on the use of this kratom.

Red Maeng Da has a soothing aroma and relaxes the nerves. It boosts the energy levels, calms you down leaving behind a feeling of euphoria. It elevates your spirit and puts you in a better state of mind. The strain improves the quality of your sleep and even treats insomnia.

Benefits of Red Maeng Da

It takes about 15-30 minutes for the Kratom to come into action. The effects last for 5-7 hours usually but may extend up to 10 hours at times. Let’s see how the strain benefits you in detail:

Aids in pain relief: Red Maeng Da works as an effective pain killer. It acts like an analgesic that releases enkephalins, endorphins, and serotonin in the body. This, in turn, numbs the pain and makes you feel better. The effects are strong and long-lasting.

Acts as a stimulant: This strain stimulates the body to give it an energy boost and provide clarity to your mind. It activates the body and mind to become more receptive and increases concentration.

With the use of Red Maeng Da, your ability to focus enhances and so does the cognitive function. It doesn’t come with any jitters, unlike other stimulants.

Relieves stress: Stress is the most common problem these days. Red Maeng da relieves the stress and anxiety issues. It interacts with the opioid receptors to release neurotransmitters, serotonin, and dopamine. It relaxes your mind and calms down your senses.

Helps in opiate withdrawal: Opiate withdrawal is a condition that develops in the body when it becomes accustomed to opioids. Withdrawal causes fever, cramps, and pain.

Red Maeng Da is deemed as a natural way to relieve the symptoms and maintain energy. It does this without any side effects.

Treats insomnia: If you’re suffering from insomnia, Red Maeng da can be your savior. It acts as a sedative and helps you fall asleep. It ensures you get adequate rest to help you sustain the next day.

Recommended Dosage

It is recommended to start by taking Red Maeng Da Kratom in small doses. Take it only twice or thrice a week.

If you are taking it in powdered form:

For medicinal purposes: Take 2-4 grams of Kratom to ease the pain.

For recreational purposes: Take 3-5 grams to attain euphoria.

Capsule form:

For medicinal purposes: A 0.5 gram of capsule works best as a pain reliever.

For recreational purposes: You can have a capsule of 3-4 grams.

To ease the absorption of the Kratom, it is important to take it with an empty stomach. The effects may appear after 3-4 hours if you don’t take it like advised.

#2. Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is a calming strain. The visible green color in its leaf veins confers it the name. It has a considerably high alkaloid content. If you’re in a mood for something light, Green Maeng da is the way to go. It is mild in nature but is also effective.

It is used both for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It increases energy and makes you alert for the day ahead. It can also be used to reduce pain. For individuals new to the world of Kratom, it is advised to start with something mild like Green Maeng Da.

This one is known for its stimulating effects. It boosts your confidence and reduces social anxiety. You feel like a changed person with the use of the strain.

Benefits of Green Maeng Da

The strain kicks in just 10 minutes after consumption. The effects may last up to 6 hours. Here’s how it benefits the users:

Relieves pain: Green Maeng Da can be used as a mild analgesic. It helps to reduce the discomfort of individuals with acute and chronic pain.

Boosts confidence:  If you’re someone who gets awkward in social situations, Green Maeng Da will sail you through them smoothly. You will feel a boost in your confidence and will be able to interact with others easily.

Acts as a mild stimulator: This kratom is known for its energy-boosting effects. Your concentration will improve and productivity will increase with its use. It is recommended to take it in the morning to gear up for the day ahead.

Reduces anxiety: Green Maeng Da Kratom works very well to combat anxiety. It delivers a calming sensation and eases the anxiety inside. It even uplifts the mood and makes you feel better.

Recommended Dosage

As you know, Green Maeng Da is a moderate strain. An average of 2 grams is sufficient as a starting dosage. Do not exceed above 10 grams.

Powder form: You can increase the dosage with time:

  • Beginner: 1 gram
  • Light dosage: 2 gm to 3 gm
  • Moderate dosage: 3 gm to 5 gm
  • Heavy dosage: 6 gm to 8 gm

Capsule form: This dosage depends on how much power one capsule holds. If a capsule is of 500 mg and the average intake should be 2 gm, you can take four pills.

#3. White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is a fast strain known for its energizing effects. It has bright white-colored veins on its leaf strains. As compared to Red and Green Maeng Da, this strain contains more active alkaloids and flavonoids.

It carries the ability to relieve pain and provide stimulation. It is considered a natural way to reduce pain. It boosts the energy and is a stronger strain than Green Maeng Da. People usually take it in the morning to sustain them all through the day.

Farmers and laborers in Southeast Asia are believed to take this strain before a hard and tiring day of work. It is available in capsule and powder form.

Benefits of White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da takes 15-30 minutes to come into effect. Its effect can last anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. Here are some of its benefits:

Works as a painkiller: Maeng Da has an analgesic effect that numbs the pain and reduces discomfort. People going through chronic backache, osteoarthritis, or any other pains can benefit from the White vein kratom.

Elevates mood: White Maeng Da induces a state of euphoria. It makes you feel jovial and light. Your mind and body can relax under the effect of this strain. This will help let go of stress and anxiety as well.

Acts as a stimulant: Like Red and Green Maeng Da, this strain also has stimulating effects. It raises the energy levels up to a great extent. You can easily perform daily activities and even workout.

Improves cognitive function: White Maeng Da has a nootropic effect on the brain. It enhances cognitive function and concentration power. It promotes neuronal activity and leads to an increase in mental power.

Recommended Dosage

Powder form: You can start at 2 grams and then increase the dosage. The average recommended dosage is 5 grams. Do not exceed the dosage above 10 grams as it can cause sedation and other side effects.

Capsule form: As a beginner taking the capsules, 2-3 capsules (1-1.5 gm) is recommended. Regular users can take 2-5 gm of the strain.  

Are There Any Side Effects? 

Kratoms are natural and user friendly. They relieve pain and deliver other results without any side effects. But we cannot overlook the fact that overdosage of Kratom can have some serious side-effects.

You might experience the following:

  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of mental clarity
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness

This is why it is advised to consume Kratom in the recommended dosage only. You can easily evade these effects with the proper usage of the strains.

Individuals with a pre-existing health condition should always consult their health care provider before taking it.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage as it can lead to tolerance and addiction to the kratom. This can be harmful in the long run.

Things to Consider Before Taking Maeng Da Kratom

As Kratom is not FDA approved, the onus of your safety lies with you. Natural doesn’t mean safe. Here are a few tips and tricks that can save you from the side effects and maximize the efficacy of the Kratom strain:

  • Buy from a registered vendor: Make sure you purchase the Kratom from a reputed source. The website/vendor should be registered and the product of good quality. Do not fall for cheap quality stuff to save a few bucks.
  • Hydrate yourself: Always drink a lot of water as Kratom can make you feel dehydrated. It can cause problems like dry mouth unless you keep yourself hydrated.
  • Consume empty stomach: To get the maximum benefits of the strain, take the Kratom on an empty stomach. The effects appear quicker when the strain is consumed on an empty stomach.
  • Monitor your dosage: Each Kratom strain requires a different dosage. You can use the dosage conversion calculator. Keep an account of how much you take and at what time. Write it down to avoid an overdose.

Conclusion: Is Maeng Da Kratom Strain Awesome?

To sum it up, Maeng Da Kratom is a pretty powerful strain that has proved its potency over the years. If you are struggling with pain, anxiety, or stress, Kratom is the right way to go.

Maeng Da can help in alleviating the symptoms and also promotes overall health and wellness. You can take it as capsules to skip the hassle of measuring. Or you can brew some hot tea to drink up in the morning.

Using it according to the recommended dosage can work wonders for you. Stay fit, stay healthy!