Kratom Tea: How To Prepare the Best Kratom Tea

Kratom capsules and pills are easy to take and dose. No doubt. It is also budget friendly. But talking about fast-acting effects and a great bang for money, kratom powder becomes a cut above option. Its strong taste makes it less ideal and trickier to take for some, though. Don’t worry; there are tricks to help this!

Why not prepare kratom tea and indulge yourself with delicious cups in the morning (or any time of the day)? Here, we’ll teach you how to transform a sharp taste into something palatable. You don’t need fancy ingredients or expensive equipment.

With a high-quality kratom powder (which we’ll discuss where you can buy) and typical tools in your kitchen, you are ready to be more productive and healthier with kratom’s nourishing benefits!

What Is Kratom Tea?

Kratom has a long history of traditional medicine and recreational drug. It was first used in Malaysia and the bordering countries. Today, it is widely used to relieve pain, improve focus and energy, regulate mood disorders, and even promote mental and health benefits like strengthening the immune system.

There are numerous ways to take kratom, with capsules as the most popular method as it doesn’t use up time. Simply take it along with freshwater and swallow down. But if the preparation is not an issue and you want a quicker, longer-lasting effect, kratom tea is a delicious, fun way to absorb all the healthy benefits of kratom. You can even try it with your family members or friends!

Kratom tea is highly popular among natural health communities for its ability to lift the mood and soothe pain naturally. It’s a wholesome and healthier substitute for opioids. It has been advertised as a natural high or herbal supplement available in most online and local food stores. Taking kratom tea is legal in the US but remains restricted in several countries due to the possible health risks when consumed excessively.

The tea is typically prepared with raw leaves. But since it is not conveniently accessible in most countries, the powder is the main ingredient used for making a few cups. It’s important to check your doses to avoid possible side effects, though. The instructions are provided on the label, so be sure to adhere to it strictly.

Where Can You Buy Kratom Tea?

When buying goods and items, people usually opt for cheaper alternatives. But the rule of thumb indicates you should not spend lavishly or pay up less. Posh price tags do not always mean you are getting the real deal. Low-cost options are not advisable too. It’s like throwing hard-earned dollars into the trash can.

We can also apply the same theory when buying kratom powder. Experts recommend using only high-quality products. Low-quality ones would have a severe effect on the potency and overall flavor of the tea.

If you are looking to buy kratom powder to make homemade tea, Coastline Kratom is the best place to start your search with. It’s a reliable online source for all kinds of kratom powder, from the sought after Maeng Da to Malay and Borneo kratom.

You can guarantee that each product is free of additives, contaminants, or odd substances. It offers all-natural products with healthful benefits.

How to Make Your Own Kratom Tea at Home?

Coffee makes an ideal and delicate refreshment. But if you are worried about the caffeine content you are consuming, kratom tea is a beneficial alternative. It’s not only a relaxing way to prepare your mind and body before dozing off to sleep.

The tea is also used as an all-natural refreshing beverage to get going before tackling super chaotic activities. Use it as a pre-workout drink too. It offers all the energy you would need to perform even the most extreme workouts.

Brewing kratom tea involves hot water, kratom powder, and your preferred tea. While the process seems easy, timing is very crucial. Under or over, steeping can ruin the momentum.

The boiling water, on the other hand, can compromise the kratom’s chemical compounds. As for powder kratom, you have to ensure its chemical structure and the desired result are both not at stake. That means keeping the water under a boil.

Here’s how to start with the preparation:

·        Water

Heat between two to four cups of water. The lesser the water, the stronger taste you will produce. Conversely, more water means weakening the taste. But whatever accompanies your interest most, the kratom still has a similar effect once you drink up all the tea.

·        Kratom Powder

Here, the amount of powder varies from a person. It all depends on how much dosage you need. Again, do not go beyond the recommended amount. You’re reaping health risks instead of the nutritious ones.

·        Lemon Juice

Adding a pint of lemon juice makes to make a delicious cup of tea. Soak the tea into before brewing to get rid of alkaloids.

·        Add-ons

Now for the finish, use different add-ons as per you want. Among the options are sweetener, lemon, and honey. Otherwise, soak another kind of tea bag alongside the powder. You can experiment until you achieve a certain mixture, you will love incorporating into your daily drink.

Different Recipes for Making Kratom Tea

While there are various ways to prepare kratom tea, note that they are not created equally. Some may exude stronger effects, while others have a balanced blend. Choose the most favorable method below and enjoy sipping it until the last drop!

1.     Stove Top

Also called the pot method, the stovetop is one of the popular and easy methods to make your own kratom tea. Also, ideal if you intend to prepare huge batches. You can even store the excess potion in the refrigerator for up to 5 days to enjoy a quick sip.

You will need a pot, kratom powder, water, and a strainer or cheesecloth.

  • Steep the kratom powder in lemon. Add a small amount of water. Let sit for fifteen minutes before brewing.
  • Allow the water to simmer. Make sure it is not too hot, or else the alkaloids within the powder will completely be eradicated.
  • Next, add the mixed lemon juice and kratom powder to the boiling water. Simmer for around twenty minutes at 170°-180° F. You will know it is ready to drink if the color turns into vibrant yellow.
  • Use a strainer or cheesecloth to transfer the tea—Reserve the powder. One good thing about this method is that you can make another batch of tea from this preserved powder.
  • Stir the blend to thaw the powder and smooth down powder tufts.
  • Add your favorite add-ons and ready to serve!

2.     Tea Kettle

If you find the first method a bit time consuming, then we assume using a tea kettle can be your ultimate lifesaver. The process is super simple. You can even focus on other things while preparing it.

You will need a tea kettle, water to fill up the boiling pot, a teabag, and kratom powder.

  • Heat the water in a tea kettle to a moderate simmer.
  • Put the kratom powder in an empty mug or teacup.
  • Once the kettle whistles, turn the heat off and allow to cool off for at least a minute. You surely don’t want to strain your tongue!
  • You’re ready to pour the water over the mug or teacup.
  • Gently stir to split up clumps. Similar to the stove pot method, you can also preserve the residual powder for future brewing use.
  • Enjoy having it on your table by adding honey, a slice of lemon, some sugar cubes, or anything that your palate craves for.

3.     Coffee Maker

Why not let your new coffee machine do the work for you? This would also mean less effort. The process is exceptionally simple and will not expend much of your time. It can also be a good alternative for busy persons yet don’t want to miss any single cup in the morning.

You will need a coffee maker, water, kratom powder, and a coffee filter.

  • Put a good amount of water in the coffee maker. If you want to make more than one cup, you have the option to adjust the quantity of water and kratom.
  • Put the kratom powder in the coffee filter. Fill it up thoroughly to avoid spills over your counter.
  • Press the start button and wait for the brew to complete.
  • Transfer the drink onto an empty mug.
  • Spruce up your drink by adding honey or lemon. Anything will work. Check for potency and taste.

In case the kratom tea is not as robust as you want it to be, you can repeat the entire process. Fill up the coffee filter with kratom powder once more. The excess tea can be stored in your refrigerator and will remain fresh for five to seven days.

Examples of Add-Ons to Boost the Effects of Kratom Tea

Don’t just settle for plain options. There’s an extensive array of natural ingredients to choose from.

Besides lemon and honey, you can also use these flavorsome, healthy add-ons:

  • Other citric fruits like grapefruit and oranges: The citric acid included in these fruits assist in extracting the alkaloids. They are much more convenient as well compared to other potentiators.
  • Turmeric & Black Pepper: You have to include both in your kratom tea. Black pepper is known to increase curcumin’s bioavailability. It means you can lower the tolerance while enjoying the incredible benefits of kratom.
  • Chamomile tea: Both kratom red strains and chamomile tea have a common denominator – act as a relaxant. Chamomile is also available in a powdered form. You can fill both while making tea. However, do not use chamomile with white strains if you don’t want to dissolve its stimulating effects.

Some Tips To Remember…

  • Always ensure a mild simmer when boiling water. It will prevent the alkaloids from weakening or totally disrupting its effects. Note that alkaloids in kratom are what make your drink extremely nutritious. Do not add kratom powder to boiling water as it will make it less effective. Instead, allow the hot water to become cold for a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes before adding the powder into.
  • While we have mentioned that you can keep the remaining powder and tea for up to 7 days in your refrigerator, don’t exceed. Otherwise, the quality of taste will significantly be reduced.
  • If you want a stronger flavor, increase the brew time a little bit. And if you want it to be passable, try to shorten the amount of time. It’s definitely tricky finding the perfect brew time, yes. The struggle is more evident for beginners. Just try making small adjustments, and you’re all set.

Kratom Tea Vs. Capsule

We have mentioned that the capsule makes an excellent alternative for on-the-go persons. It’s unlikely to miss out on your dosage. Convenience is its major benefit. Whether at a party or an important meeting, you can slip it during your spare time and consume an amount.

Plus, you can avoid accidental spills and chalky messes. As for the taste, it is generally flavorless. That’s why you can take it with water alone. However, other beverages may also work. It’s completely up to you.

However, kratom tea defines its own convenience. From potency to time of initial effects, it proves to be dominant. Unlike capsules, it preserves all the alkaloids contained in kratom powder. Capsules come from different suppliers, and you cannot exactly determine how much quantity of alkaloids it holds.

The time of initial effects for capsule may take no more than one hour – perhaps 40-45 minutes. So, kratom tea is a clear winner in this face-off. Since it’s in liquid form, you could start feeling the effects in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

The tea can have an earthy, hostile taste, which is why some people do not try the idea of drinking it. The taste is very identical to matcha. But the good news, you can add sweeteners and juices to wear out the sharp taste.

This could also mean spending a bit of money to improve the flavor significantly. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable, healthy drinking experience worth sharing with someone.