How to Find the Right Kratom Vendor

Kratom is a groundbreaking botanical that has gained popularity in the West after being popular in Southeast Asia for over a century. Since it’s a relatively new product, it can seem mysterious at first, especially since some online vendors don’t understand the best practices required for selling or using it.

Since Kratom’s effects can vary between strains, it’s important to buy from a vendor who can accurately describe and answer questions about their product. However, even a vendor who seems knowledgeable can end up disappointing you if their product is not manufactured properly or adequately tested.

There are several factors to look for when searching for a good Kratom vendor. Instead of gauging based on price or the product description alone, you need to check for testing and certification that proves that the product is reliable. The team you buy from needs to be knowledgeable and favorably reviewed as well.

Third-Party Testing

The single biggest concern with buying Kratom is making sure you get a high-quality product. Kratom vendors who are only concerned about capitalizing on Kratom’s popularity may cut their product with fillers. Although these fillers are often harmless, they weaken Kratom’s potential and may affect the taste.

There is also the possibility of contaminants entering the Kratom unintentionally during the production process. Even mold and mildew could be a problem if the Kratom is stored or transported improperly.

Third-party testing by independent laboratories helps customers rest assured that the product they are buying is pure and as advertised. Reputable Kratom vendors post all results online so that customers can browse them freely before purchasing.

Manufacturing Certification

Kratom may be a relatively new industry in the West, but it has best practices that industry experts already know. The American Kratom Association (AKA) has a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) program to help certify that manufacturers are maintaining the highest quality possible in their Kratom.

Independent third-party testing is just one of the steps required to get the cGMP label. Since the entire supply chain matters for Kratom products, cGMP looks at multiple steps in a Kratom manufacturer’s process.

The list of AKA-certified vendors sometimes changes, but vendors who are approved will list AKA certification on their website. If there’s ever a question of whether your preferred vendor is certified, you can always check with AKA directly.

Variety of Strains Available

There are many possible blends for Kratom when you factor in the differences between vein colors, differences in plant maturity, and individual regions’ growing conditions. Having a good variety of blends available allows you to find the perfect powder for you, especially if you’re looking for something that helps you do your best under a combination of stressful conditions.

Keep in mind that having a massive number of strains is not always better. If a vendor can’t describe the differences between their strains, then that’s a sign they are trying to make as many products as possible without really understanding them.

Knowledgeable and Responsive Team

Growing and drying Kratom is a complex art, and the range of potential effects can seem overwhelming at first glance. Buying from a seasoned vendor who understands Kratom provides you with a resource for getting your questions answered. They should know where their Kratom is sourced from and how their farmers are treated, too.

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The team and their claims also need to be realistic. Kratom can have noticeable effects on your daily life, but it needs to be taken in appropriate doses. A knowledgeable team knows how to guide you through the process of getting a Kratom strain that works for you without being overwhelming.

The customer service team also needs to be responsive to any questions about your order, even if they’re difficult to answer. If you ask a question and the representative seems to dodge it or doesn’t answer at all, that’s a potential red flag.

User Reviews

It’s difficult to get meaningful user reviews at a brick-and-mortar store. Online shopping makes it easier to view honest assessments of a Kratom strain or distributor’s qualities. User reviews tell you whether they notice the effects of the Kratom, how it tastes, how fast it arrived, and several other essential factors.

Fake reviews are common in online shopping, so look for reviews that are nuanced and realistic. Not everyone will love every single Kratom strain, so you should also pay attention to the reviews that are average or even negative to see the reasons why the customer was dissatisfied. If their reason was just that the strain wasn’t for them, then you might still find the strain and the vendor to be perfect for your purposes.

By buying from one of the best reviewed vendors, you’ll get peace of mind both during and after your purchase. You can rest assured that even if you want to change to a different Kratom variety, you’ll still get a great product if you buy from the same vendor.

Bulk Quantities Available

Bulk Kratom isn’t a must-have for every customer, especially if you’re a new enthusiast and want to try multiple varieties before settling on a favorite. However, once you’ve determined your top one or two varieties, you’ll want to stock up on them. Ideally, you should stock up on them from the same vendor to ensure consistency.

Vendors usually sell small sample-size packs of around 20 grams, which gives you around 8 doses. Once you’re ready to make a larger purchase, 250 grams is about the perfect size. It gives you 100 or more servings and will stay fresh for months if stored properly.

Making the Right Choice

Finding the best Kratom vendor doesn’t have to be overwhelming or require hours of research. Look for one with an informative and transparent website, and that’s backed up with multiple user reviews. Ask the team about their products, especially if they have many varieties to choose from.

Once you’re set and have the product in hand, make sure to leave a user review to help others. Your review might even be helpful to the vendor, especially if it’s a new variety. By communicating with others about which products are the best, you can help the Kratom community grow and appreciate this natural botanical even more.