How long do kratom capsules take to kick in?

Kratom is a South-East Asian plant with a height that ranges from 4-16 meters. The leaves of this wonderful tree have unique properties that make them beneficial for various conditions such as enhancing mood, relieving pain, energy-boosting and helping people overcome lethargy and fatigue. Kratom is available in different forms and if you’ve been wondering how long kratom capsules take to kick in, relax as this article is for you.

What are kratom capsules?

Kratom capsules are gaining popularity across the world, but have you ever asked yourself what they are? Well, they are kratom powder which has been pre-packed into capsules. Manufacturers measure the right quantities and fill them in the caps, which you buy and take with water.

Different types of kratom capsules

Before we tell you how long it takes for kratom capsule to kick in, we will first explain different types of capsules used to encapsulate kratom powder.

  • Cellulose-based/vegetarian capsules – These capsules are made from hypromellose, cellulose and purified water and are therefore easier to digest. They contain no gluten, which makes them perfect for vegetarians and vegans
  • Gelatin Capsules – These capsules are more common than cellulose-based capsules. They are cheap and come in various sizes, colors, forms and flavor to suit the needs of everyone

So how long do kratom capsules take to kick in?

There’s a misconception that kratom capsules delay the absorption process because they must first open to allow the powder to be released and be absorbed in your bloodstream. However, that’s not entirely true as kratom capsules are dissolved in your stomach easily and if there might be any delay, they can take an average of fifteen minutes.

The effects of kratom can be noticed within 35-40 minutes after use. However, meals usually delay the absorption, and if you intend to use kratom capsules, ensure you take it around 45 minutes before a meal or 1.5 hours after meals. Luckily, you can speed up the absorption process by taking citrus juices like orange, lemon or grapefruit juices, which are acidic in nature and will favor gastric pH known to trigger the release of gastric enzymes.

Factors that affect absorption

  • Amount of food in the stomach
    When you have nothing in the stomach, it takes a shorter time for kratom capsules to be absorbed. However, it is not recommended to take them on an empty stomach as you can feel nausea or stomach discomfort.
  • Kratom tolerance
    Kratom tolerance is a state in which you become entirely resistant to kratom, meaning that you can’t feel the effects regardless of the amount you take. If you develop kratom tolerance, it will take less time for any dose to kick-off compared to a tolerant individual
  • Water intake
    When taking kratom capsules, the amount of water you consume that determines its digestion and absorption. You should, therefore, swallow the capsule with enough water to which, you’ll feel dehydrated at the expense of enjoying the effects. On the other hand, consuming too much water is not recommended as it can dilute gastric enzymes hence affecting its absorption.

Bottom line

Kratom capsules have tremendous health benefits in our bodies, and when taken in regular doses, they can take between 5-10 minutes to kick in. However, the rate at which effects manifest vary from one person to another, depending on various factors such as age, general tolerance, and weight, among others. As a rule of thumb, your health is your wealth and therefore, always consume the right dosage and be patient as you wait for it to kick in.