Has Kratom Been Found To Carry Medicinal Worth? – Anti Aging News

Changes in technology have done little to quell different medical conditions arising over time. People are now dwelling on more natural incentives to improve their health. From lifestyle inflicted medical conditions to addictions and even terminal diseases, natural medications are proving to be beneficial with each passing day.

Among the available alternatives is Kratom. Coming from the south of Asia, this herb, over time, has been providing people with relief from various health problems. It is now moving in popularity towards the west and is gaining recognition for the benefits it bestows. However, people are still unsure and wonder if Kratom carries any medicinal worth?

Knowing Kratom

The plant’s (Mitragyna species) leaves can deliver the medical benefits associated with it. These benefits are better metabolism, pain relief, and acting as an addiction reliever. The leaves induce morphine-like symptoms in an individual. The leaves also come with several nutritional factors, many different alkaloids, and above all, organic elements beneficial to the human body.

According to a study, over 70% of individuals in Asia enjoy this specific plant and can attest to its beneficial effects. You can consume mitragyna speciosa (kratom)  in the form of leaves (green), crushed into a powder, or in the form of pellets and capsules. Consuming Kratom is as simple as adding it to your morning cup of tea.

However, before ingesting this fantastic herb, you must know the possible medical worth it brings. To assist you with this formidable task, here are several ways in which Kratom proves its therapeutic worth.

Can act as a pain reliever

Pain can arise from various medical conditions. Pain is usually caused by inflammation in the body. It can result from cancer and chemotherapy treatment, falls, accidents, arthritis, to name just a few. There are medical prescriptions for opioids that provide relief in such conditions. However, they are laden with side effects such as continuous bouts of diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, and constant fatigue. These opioids can even disrupt sleep leading to a weak immune system.

Kratom is an effective analgesic. Upon consumption, it activates the production of dopamine and serotonin. These hormones help fight the pain and provide relaxation to the body. Additionally, the alkaloids and Kratom induce morphine-like symptoms that can work magic in ensuring you get much-needed sleep.

The Kratom leaves also contain a wide variety of antimicrobial properties. Research shows that the alkaloids present can have definitive impacts on an individual’s immune system. It increases the resilience and protective capacity of your immune system. The Kratom herb also works as an antioxidant. Although Kratom is safe to consume, you should still consider medical advice on continued use and safe dosage of the Kratom herb.

Can boost energy

In today’s fast-paced world, many people suffer from stress and depression. Finding new ways to increase your energy levels to fight boredom, and depressing thoughts are fundamental to an individual’s well-being. However, the relief is elusive, and most of the time, people lack the energy and motivation to continue.

According to medical studies, the Kratom herb can work fast and efficiently to enhance metabolism and an individual’s energy levels. It can increase blood flow to different regions of the body, providing you with much-needed relief. Additionally, it helps keep hormonal levels in check while regulating the metabolic processes.

Another study indicates that Kratom contains anxiolytic substances that are responsible for giving relief from mood swings and depressing thoughts. The element also helps regulate hormonal production and provides a balance. With Kratom, you can be up and going to any social gathering within a short period. No more anxiety attacks and depression periods.

Can fight diabetes

This lifestyle disease is one that causes misery with continuous changes and imbalances on an individual’s blood sugar level. Medical prescriptions for this dire medical condition can be quite painful and have adverse effects in the long run. Moreover, specific types of diabetes require you to inject yourself with the needed amount of prescription medicine, which can be uncomfortable for many people.

Research shows that Kratom contains a high amount of alkaloids. The alkaloids are essential in regulating blood sugar. They control the amount of glucose and the insulin present in the blood. Alkaloids can help regulate severe symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, individuals with diabetes have a way to manage the condition and live a relatively healthy life. It also can prevent diabetes if put into use early enough and under low dosage.

Can be suitable for addiction recovery

Addiction treatment using Kratom is a tradition that has existed over a long period. Since opium addiction continues to increasingly plague society with each passing day, medical professionals are in search of ways to reduce their impacts. Individuals overdosing on opium are many, and others trying to rehabilitate themselves face serious challenges. These include high fees for rehabilitation services and the severe side effects.

Studies show that Kratom is an effective drug addiction treatment option. Since it is a natural herb, it does not have any severe side effects if taken in proper doses and under the supervision of an expert. It is relatively cheap in comparison to opioid medications. However, it continuously works to break the hold opioids have on you by sedating, relieving pain associated with rehabilitation, and stimulating your brain and body.


One has to take care while administering Kratom. High dosage levels might have a negative impact, and therefore, people should consume it at a lower or prescribed dosage only. If you are not sure of how much you should take, consult a knowledgeable medical professional. However, it is essential to know that this is only an alternative therapeutic option that can work with a primary line of medical treatment. Kratom does have therapeutic worth, but more studies are needed to offer deep insight into these benefits.