DATA: See how many unemployment insurance claims were made in Georgetown on March 25-April 25 – Community Impact Newspaper

About 2,800 Georgetown residents have filed unemployment claims between March 25 and April 25, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

Over 2,800 Georgetown residents filed unemployment claims between March 25 and April 25, according the Texas Workforce Commission unemployment claim dashboard.

Within that time frame, 2,866 residents of Georgetown’s three ZIP codes—78626, 78628 and 78633—have filed unemployment claims, data shows. Of that, 2,115, or 73.79%, were eligible for unemployment benefits, data shows.

The one-month snapshot is down about 250 claims compared to the TWC’s March 16 to April 16 report, when Georgetown had 3,113 claims.

For Williamson County, 21,048 residents claimed unemployment, data shows. Of those, 15,587, or 74.05%, were eligible for unemployment benefits. And for Texas, 1.04 million unemployment claims have been filed, data shows.

Francisco Gomez, media and public relations specialist with the TWC, said Texas is reporting the highest number of claims it has ever seen, adding since the week ending March 14, the TWC has helped 2.1 million Texans apply for unemployment benefits and paid out $3.4 billion in benefits using state and federal funds.

This includes individuals who are no longer working or have reduced hours, he said.

Gomez said on average, a claim is processed in 21 days from the time they apply and become eligible. For some it may be quicker, and for others it may take a little more time, he added.

While the remaining claims were not eligible for benefits at this time, the TWC said it is actively researching noneligible claims to see if they truly are not eligible or if they are actually eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, the program that aids business owners, self-employed workers, independent contractors, those with limited work history and others not usually eligible for regular state unemployment benefits, according to the TWC. The TWC expects several self-employed claims that are currently not eligible to be eligible for PUA and thus become part of the eligible group, it said.

The top five industries with the highest number of claims in Williamson County are full-service restaurants, offices of physicians except mental health, offices of dentists, civic and social organizations, and child day care services, data shows.

The mapping was developed by the TWC Labor Market and Career Information Department.

Here is a breakdown of unemployment claims in Georgetown’s three ZIP codes, as well as combination of that data to represent the city.


Population: 34,832

Unemployment claim count: 1,351

Male: 566

Female: 785

Eligible for unemployment benefits: 1,007

Not eligible for unemployment benefits: 344


Population: 32,341

Unemployment claim count: 1,059

Male: 458

Female: 601

Eligible for unemployment benefits: 788

Not eligible for unemployment benefits: 271


Population: 28,080

Unemployment claim count: 456

Male: 183

Female: 273

Eligible for unemployment benefits: 320

Not eligible for unemployment benefits: 136

Georgetown (three ZIP codes combined)

Population: 95,253

Unemployment claim count: 2,866

Male: 1,207

Female: 1,659

Eligible for unemployment benefits: 2,115

Not eligible for unemployment benefits: 751

Williamson County

Population: 571,610

Unemployment claim count: 21,048

Male: 8,891

Female: 12,143

Gender unknown: 14

Eligible for unemployment benefits: 15,587

Not eligible for unemployment benefits: 5,080