Best Kratom for Energy: Top Strains

When it comes to keeping alive during busy days, people usually rely on pills and drinking stimulants such as coffee. But did you know that Kratom can also help you achieve the level of energy you need to kick off your morning routine?

Yes, it’s not only limited to providing relief from discomfort and pain! It’s as safe as drinking your favorite cup of Joe, so nothing to concern a lot. In fact, it could be a natural alternative.

However, choosing the right strains is where things get complicated. Kratom strains have varying effects plus the dosages differ quite a bit. They can aid or bust your health (though most side effects are mild). So, before grabbing some online, make sure to read this review first to better equip yourself!

Best Kratom for Energy

Finding the best Kratom strains for energy ­should not be taken too lightly. There are quite varied options. What works for some may not be suitable for your condition.

To narrow down your search, we’ve compiled 5 of the best Kratom for energy you can consider purchasing.

1. Maeng De Kratom

Maeng Da is considered the most excellent form of Kratom due to its low alkaline content. Hence, making it more edible and providing more energy. People have constantly commended Maeng Da for its superior brain benefit. You can have more focus at work and boost your efficiency for finishing each task. Your boss will be further proud!

This potent substance will additionally make you less tired while doing usual routines. Get more activities done easily and faster than before. It stimulates brain function as well – fostering positive energies within you. It is important for businesspersons who tend to engage in meetings often.

Moreover, consuming it means improving cognitive functions, focus, and clarity. People who perform moderate to intense tasks regularly would find it a highly energizing solution.


Most Maeng Da products you’ll find in the online market are available in the form of a capsule. This is good since you don’t need to scoop up each amount nor add in your meals or beverages. Just take the capsule as recommended along with water, and you’re ready to face off the day.

You don’t need to take as much as other strains since Maeng Da is so potent. Take only four grams of it. The amount may gradually decrease as you consume longer, most likely around two grams.

Side Effects

Maeng Da has commonly no side effects when consumed accordingly. It also applies to other Kratom strains. When taken in huge doses, your health could be at risk.

Some possible side effects are excessive or trouble sleeping, developing anxiety, irritation, nausea, severe sedation, and stomach disorders. Other undesirable effects that users have winged about include dizziness and drug dependent.

But again, there’s nothing to fear about as long as you stick to the suggested dosage. Start with less than three grams. Then, increase the amount if your body doesn’t seem to react negatively. You can add the increments 1 gram/half hour. It’s important to reduce the dosage as quickly as possible once you start to feel negative effects.

2. Green Malay Kratom

What made Green Malay landed on the second list of best Kratom for energy is its special ability to tackle an array of conditions with trivial side effects. The tree is originally found in Malaysia, with an appearance similar to the coffee tree.

There are 3 main strains: white, red, and green. White kratom is popular for its invigorating effects, while the red kratom boasts sedative effects. If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, it can be of assistance. Green kratom is a balanced form of strain. It has the soothing and pain-relieving qualities of red strain and revitalizing benefits of white strain.

Besides improving your energy level for a much longer period, this substance is also known for easing chronic pains either as a result of a flagging bone structure or deep-rooted injuries. People with backache, migraine, and osteoporosis can also find instant relief from Green Malay.


Green Malay comes in powder, capsules, pills, and liquid solutions. You can easily pour the powder form into warm water or include it in your favorite meals. Your choice. Though, ensure extreme care as the powder is known to cling to the throat’s inner wall. Chances of dealing with a burning sensation or irritation are quite high.

The right dosage basically depends on your age and weight. Though, tolerance level and metabolism are other essential factors. To achieve a balanced level of concentration and focus, two to four grams would be sufficient.

For moderate focus, take not more than six grams. But for the complete relaxation along with alleviating pain, eight- to ten-gram of Green Malay is ideal.

Physicians advised consumers to avoid taking the substance in the evening or before going to bed. Its effect is potent and could last longer. Therefore, interrupting your quality of sleep. Instead, consume during daytime. It’s where the product unleashes its potentials.

Side Effects

Also, when you go beyond the recommended quantity, side effects are likely to trigger. These include headache, dizziness, nausea, constipation, and excessive sweating. Hydration is important when taking Green Malay and even other Kratom strains. Drink more water and take in moderation.

3. Borneo Kratom

Borneo Kratom contains high doses of 7-hydromitragynine along with Speciogynine and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine. Popularly known for its euphoric, opiate-dependent treating properties, and pain alleviation. If you’re looking for a quality Kratom to improve your brain’s focus and overall function, Borneo can deliver efficiently.

It claims to be an herbal and fantastic alternative to regular caffeine. It doesn’t even lead to oversedation. That means you can use the formula to enjoy a more focused and productive day while simultaneously alleviating discomfort. It comes in different strains as well. The white kratom is best for focus, energy, and discomfort.

Red kratom is known for its soothing and pain-alleviating benefits as well as managing insomnia. If you want to improve your mood and relieve pain without the calming effects of red strain and energizing effects of white strain, green Borneo is your best pick. Experience mild relaxation and mood enhancement all day.


The dosage varies for each strain. Beginners should take one to two grams, regular users should maintain an amount of three to six grams, and a high-level dose can go more than 6 grams. But generally, the safe dosage for Borneo Kratom is 5 grams every day.

Just a note on the active chemicals contained in green Borneo. There are around 25 various alkaloids – each is combined to provide potent effects. Mitragynine, 7-hydrocymitragynine, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, Speciogynine, and Mitraphylline are considered the most essential alkaloids.

Side Effects

Borneo Kratom has no side effects that occur for a longer time. But since no product is perfect and consumers might have a bit confusion or mistake using the substance, unpleasant side effects are unavoidable. They usually transpire in the first few weeks of treatment.

In case you consume more than the dose prescribed by your healthcare professional, some adverse side effects include irritation, vomiting, nausea, constipation, tongue numbness, and frequent urination. White Borneo has fewer side effects, which make it a top choice among users.

Nevertheless, Borneo Kratom is a decent herbal product you can trust to boost mood, concentration, and energy levels. Although mixing the Kratom with alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Limit your intake of alcohol while using this substance.

4. Thai Kratom

Thailand is known for producing different strains of Kratom that are all rich in excellent benefits. When it comes to versatility and potent effect, Thai Kratom races in the top list. It also comes in white, red, and green strains.

The white kratom is a stimulating and powerful white strain. Get an immediate and strong energy boost even in few dosages. Its effects are longer lasting compared to other varieties, which is an added charm. It activates strong well-being and a sense of euphoria.

Usually used for recreational purposes, but those who need a robust yet safe companion to cope up with high-demanding projects can also consider the white kratom variety.

Green and red Thai kratom have a similar beneficial use. The only difference is that green kratom only has less pain-relieving potentials. It is more of a mood enhancer and stimulant. Whereas the red kratom helps manage the symptoms of opiate addiction. Overall, peace of mind and optimism are what it promotes.


Be sure you are getting a good quality supplement before adding it to your routine. The prescription instructions are already provided, and you have to stick with it. The effects vary from one person to another. Beginners may want to start in a small amount and gradually increase the dose. Taking one to two grams is recommended.

People with anxiety, stress, and depression can go up to eight grams. Consumers could expect to get instant benefits after five hours of consumption, but again, your body may react differently.

Other promising benefits are offered upon consuming Thai Kratom, aside from energy, mood, and concentration. It also manages back pain, promotes better sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety. Your total well-being will be back to its normal function.

Side Effects

Only mild effects are present with the use of Thai kratom. It is an excellent energy booster, no doubt. But there are exceptions. You might find yourself battling headaches or nausea. Other than these, there were no reports of moderate or adverse effects. Your best combat is to stick with the dosage amount—nothing else.

5. Sumatra Kratom

One of the most effectively relaxing Kratom strains. Sumatra’s relaxation effects are highly esteemed. It greatly works for pain relief too. The powder consists of opioid properties. Hence, a good-to-go option if you require some assistance with meditation or other relaxation techniques.

But between Maeng Da and Sumatra, the former is known to be peppy and fast. However, both are powerful and delivers the desired results. Longer effects can be noticed – up to ten hours. Sumatra has three varieties as well. Each fulfills a unique role to help aid with heightening your energy at an optimum level.

The red kratom stands out among the rest with its most soothing leaf. Some benefits include calming nerves, relieving stress, lifting mood, reducing high blood pressure rates, and facilitating with sleep. You can always wake up in the morning in a bright mood.

As for white Sumatra kratom, users have called it energizing and relaxing at the same time. It may be less potent but is confirmed to support motor functions besides focus and concentration. You no longer need to depend on toxic chemicals. Sumatra powder is all organic and natural.

The green vein kratom from Sumatra gives a light color appearance. It’s the most well-balanced form as well as notable for its long-term traits. Known as the middle of the road as it provides a great scale of relaxation and energy, you will need to handle daily tasks.

Several chemicals are found in Sumatra, including mitragynine, 7-hydromitragynine, mitraphylline, coryantheidine, raubasine, and iso mitraphylline.


You have varied options on how to take Sumatra kratom. Either the leaves or powder will work. Consider making a tea out of this strain and transfer all the beneficial attributes and nutrients to your body. Otherwise, add some to your beverage or food. The powder formula offers a bitter taste, so plan how you should prepare the drink or meal accordingly. A low dose is ideal, especially if you’re still exploring the benefits of Kratom. It could be around four grams. For high dosages, go for six grams.

Side Effects

Symptoms are not common when you take the right amount. Otherwise, you could suffer from dizziness. Some had complained about being sick and jerking. But the good news, most side effects are endurable.

The effects of Sumatra have a similarity to opioids. So, heavy users may develop an addiction upon using it. This is both dangerous and hostile. There’s another set of side effects when you decide to withdraw from this Kratom. Irritation, runny nose, and lack of sleep are the most common.

Several factors affect the dosage.

People who are starting out will surely find it challenging to determine the right dosage their bodies will approve. Aside from the different Kratom strains, you also need to consider the forms of Kratom available and physiological differences.

Extracts, powder, and capsules all have erratic potency levels. That means their ability to stimulate energy also varies. And since we are all physiologically different, you respond to similar substances inversely. A small dose may quickly prompt a rise in energy for someone.

Though in your case, you may need more dosage to get the result you want. Others have a hard time finding the right amount, which may eventually trigger them to stop taking Kratom.

Different sellers supply different quantities of Kratom, which is another determining factor. The package may seem equal, but you’ll never know until you open and check it. Capsules are even available in various sizes. In these cases, a precision scale may what you need to precisely determine how much you’re ingesting.

How Kratom for Energy Helps Boost Focus and Mood?

Kratom is also called Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a popular herbal substance that originated in Southeast Asian countries. Perhaps you’ve just recently become familiar with this potent substance. Though, they have already been used for hundreds of years to relieve several conditions.

What some people don’t realize is that it can be used to sharpen focus and boost energy as well. Kratom leaves were directly chewed to take in its energy-enhancing alkaloids. But since not everyone has access to the leaves, they are converted into capsules and powder.

Kratom strains have 3 branches:

White Vein – considered as relaxing yet most aggressive Kratom strains in terms of energy. Mainly due to the alkaloid coupled with stimulant alkaloids. It’s able to boost focus and concentration, energy, and productivity.
Green Vein – ideal if you want to feel relaxed, especially during stressful situations. Known as the most balanced than the two vein colors. Other benefits include increased productivity and pacified energy.
Red Vein – the most stimulating strains available. It is usually recommended for relieving pain and improving euphoria. Relaxation and deeper sleep are guaranteed too.
So, how do Kratom helps boost focus, mood, and energy levels? It works in various methods…

Stimulates the primary nerves activation to discharge adrenaline and noradrenaline
Promotes acetylcholine release. It is a neurotransmitter associated with the control of brain activities – all of which are in charge of attention, learning, and memory.
Improve endorphins that numb the pain receptor within the human body. This prevents the pain from affecting your focus and energy.
Stimulates serotonin levels to improve mood while reducing anxiety, depression, and stress
Boosts endurance and stamina through transporting oxygenized blood to your muscles
7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are the alkaloids contained in Kratom. There are actually more than 10 alkaloids that have been recognized thus far, but these two are regarded as the core elements.

Mitragynine does the job of connecting the opioid receptors partly within your body to increase physical and mental energy.

On the other hand, 7-hydromitragynine connects similar receptors to ensure your body is getting proper relief from pain and high degrees of happiness. White strains contain higher scopes of mitragynine, while red Kratom has more 7-hydromitragynine content.

Unlike opiate drugs, Kratom works by connecting opioid reactors in the body without being aggressive. Consuming the proper amount will cause the release of analgesia and endorphin, improve mental clarity, as well as reduce the occurrence of mental condition.

You will be more optimistic, and everything will feel reachable. The effects of strains generally depend on how much you take.

With higher dosages, you may experience greater scales of analgesia, euphoria, and sedation. These are not essentially good for your focus and energy.

How Do You Choose the Best Kratom for Energy?

Constantly experience fatigue or tiredness? Do you often deal with a shortage of energy, or not motivated enough to do certain tasks? A little pick me up is absolutely what you need to heighten your mood and fulfill those energizing needs. Of course, with the help of Kratom strains.

It’s normal to feel weary and low at some point in your life. The reasons vary, from workloads to daily activities to stress. However, you can say it’s a serious condition if you notice your quality of life is greatly affected. It’s like you no longer have the enthusiasm to carry out tasks as before. Medications are good, but how about the possible side effects?

It doesn’t mean Kratom is purely wholesome since some users have reported experiencing undesirable effects upon consumption. However, these are tolerable and usually gone for days or weeks. Plus, its benefits still rule out the list. Kratom is deemed an all-inclusive and natural treatment that offers healthful effects without long-term upshots.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when deciding which Kratom would best assist in your condition:

Body shape, weight, and height
Consider your health above anything.
Do you have other preferences for using Kratom? Whether for anxiety respite or muscle pain.
Ease of consumption. Kratom is available both in powder and capsule forms. The latter is much convenient if you’re a busy person and want to arouse your worn-out senses quickly.
How potent do you want the alkaloid to be? You may want to opt for high content of mitragynine for an improved experience.
Who Can and Cannot Use Kratom for Energy?

Thanks to the substance’s stimulating effects, a lot of people can benefit from taking it. However, adults are the perfect candidate as long as your health and mental condition are in perfect shape, of course. Kratom can prove to be an amazing daily driver if you find it tough to keep up with all the responsibilities and want a natural boost.

Busy individuals. Sometimes, you have long hours of work to complete, yet your body says reversely. The strains will help you go through the busy days. Not only your mood is elevated, but your overall productivity at work as well. Being an efficient employee means a happy workforce.
Students can even use it for complete energy and focus. It definitely is tiring finishing tasks after tasks, especially in today’s new normal setting. You tend to burn the midnight oil to complete a project or do some reviews for an upcoming exam. Regardless, Kratom won’t leave you hanging.
Athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and artists are other perfect recipients of Kratom strains. You need to stay focus and energized to do intense workouts, walk miles of trails, or do heavy scenes. You’ll surely appreciate what this substance can do to help you achieve those commitments.
Working professionals, such as doctors, businessmen, etc. with a very busy schedule, need clear focus, and increased energy.
Introverts struggle with social anxiety. By having the right dosage of Kratom, you will maintain a relaxed and focused disposition. You’ll gradually learn how to deal with social groups at ease and feel like you’re also part of their journey. It can make you associated and put you in an entirely agreeable mood without suffering from harmful health effects.
Kratom has some brain enhancement compounds, so yes, it is safe for professionals and students to consume. But when in doubt, seek professional assistance.

Oppositely, Kratom is not suggested to take if you have an existing condition. It isn’t typically recommended to combine with other treatments, so be sure to consult a professional first. Nursing and pregnant women have delicate forms, so restrict yourself from taking it as possible. It may hurt both you and the unborn or infant.

Where to Buy Kratom Strains for Energy?

Now that you’ve chosen the best Kratom for energy and mood, the next step is finding a reputable place to purchase a few packs.

Coastline Kratom is an established company where you can possibly get top-quality products. They sell them both in a capsule and powder form. Here, you can get the genuinely powerful Maeng Da. For a smooth euphoric blast, Borneo is absolutely a classic investment.


In today’s demanding and fast-paced world, exercising constantly, getting a well-rested physique, and eating nutritious food might be too tough to achieve no matter how much effort you invest in. Dealing with low energy level is the last thing you want to encounter, given loads of tasks on hand.

To make sure you’re always at your best, take any of these Kratom strains for energy and become productive as long as you want. All strains are quite different but have similar effects. The right formula will vary depending on your goal and health condition. Other benefits are associated, including optimal health and weight loss.

Be aware of the side effects, though. You don’t want to face further issues nor become too dependent on the substance. Consistent, along with proper dosage, is your key to achieving those memory goals as a result of an improved mood, energy, and positive outlook.