A Guide For Choosing The Right Kratom Vendor

Are you excited to try kratom for the first time? Or are you a veteran kratom lover that wants to expand where you shop from?

Either way, welcome to the world of kratom! There are many different vendors, types of kratom, kratom strains, and accessories to choose from. It
can be a bit overwhelming when you’re first trying to narrow down your

Choosing the right kratom vendor can be very important when shopping for kratom, so you will want to take time to do it right. Not all kratom vendors are created equal, and we are here to help you navigate that selection today.

Follow these steps to choose the right kratom vendor for you and your
personal needs!

Step 1: Decide On Strains & Product Type

The first thing that we recommend doing when you are getting into kratom is deciding what types of kratom you want to shop for. Are you looking for capsules, powder, or extracts? What strains do you want? Whether you are new or experienced in this industry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

If you create a list of kratom strains that you want to look for before you start shopping around, you’ll be able to shop more effectively. Some vendors might not carry the strains that you’re looking for. Others may not have it in the form you like (powder, capsule, extract).

Specifically, you will want to determine the following:
– Kratom product (powder, extract, leaf, capsules, etc.
– Kratom strain (Bali, OG, red leaf, etc.)
– Kratom accessories (capsules, capsule maker, etc.)

Once you’ve decided what you are looking for with these three things, you are ready to start browsing through the selection at different shops!

Step 2: Check What Shops Carry That Kratom

Now that you have a list ready to go, you can start browsing through different vendors.

Shop with intent. Look specifically for the things on your list, and try not to let yourself get distracted. It’s okay to shop around if you’re looking to add a few extra things to your basket, but it can be difficult to remember what you are actually shopping for if you browse too freely!

Keep tabs open for all the shops that carry what you need, but don’t move to the purchase option just yet. There is still one more very important thing that needs to be done before you buy anything!

Recommended Vendors:

We’ve taken the time to carefully review several online Kratom shops and
these are our recommendations:

Left Coast Kratom

Left Coast Kratom was founded in 2017 by a group of Kratom enthusiasts
looking for better quality, more stringently tested products. They were one of the first companies to achieve compliance with the American Kratom
Associations GMP (good manufacturing practices) program. They offer a
generous customer rewards program, free same day shipping, and discounts for crypto purchases.

Phytoextractum Plants & Extracts

Phytoextractum is one of the longest serving Kratom companies online. Withover 15 years in the business, they have experience that few others in the industry do. On top of their line of high quality Kratom products, they also sell a variety of other ethnobotanical products. They routinely test their products for contaminants and their facility is compliant with the American Kratom Associations GMP program

Kraken Kratom

As one of the most reputable brands in the Kratom industry, you’ve probably heard of Kraken Kratom before. Founded in 2014 and based in Portland Oregon, Kraken Kratom has built a reputation as a responsible brand trusted by consumers all over the world.

Step 3: Check Their Qualifications

Now that you know which shops carry the kratom that you want to stock up on, it’s time to make sure that these shops are legit.

There are, unfortunately, a number of negligent kratom vendors out there that do not properly vet their supply chains or test their products. This means that contaminated products could make it to their storefronts. Usually, these shops will be offering kratom at what seems like ridiculously low prices.

Before you make your final selection, check the vendor for the following:
– Does their website explain their lab testing policies?
– Are they a member of AKA’s GMP program to ensure proper safety standards?
– Do they care about safety and testing?
– Are their prices reasonable?

By checking these four things, you can quickly find out whether or not the
vendor is legitimate or not.

Left Coast Kratom takes pride in ensuring that we test our product properly, openly discuss our safety procedures, and are members of the GMP program.Through these means, we hope that our customers can see our commitment to their safety and the overall wellbeing of the kratom industry!

Bonus Tips

Those are just the basic steps that you can follow to choose a new kratom
vendor. They aren’t comprehensive, and there are always more things that
you could do to finalize who you want to buy from! We’ve got a few bonus tips for the especially particular folks who want to choose even more carefully.

Ask Friends

Do you have friends that use kratom? If so, talking to them is a great way to
determine what shops you want to try. The chances are pretty good that they’ll have used a shop or two that you never considered before, so you will be able to discuss your options.

Talking to friends is also great because it can give you a good sense of
security, but remember that your friends might not care about the same things that you do. Be sure to do your own research as well unless you are sure that your priorities line up.

Shop Local

Another way that you can shop is to shop local! Your area may have a kratom shop, or there may be a CBD shop there that stocks kratom. Seeing kratom in these types of shops is becoming more and more common, so it’s worth checking.

The easiest way to find out if you have a local kratom shop is to check on
Google. If you still aren’t sure, give your local CBD stores a call. Ask if they
stock any kratom products. If they don’t, ask if they know of any local shops that do. They can be a great source of information!

Read Reviews

If you are torn between two similar sites or products, you can always check
out the reviews. Most kratom vendors allow reviews on their site, and this will help you to get a better idea of what to expect from the product.
If the site doesn’t have any reviews, try searching the product and site name on the internet. You might be able to find reviews on some other sites and forums where kratom is discussed. Hopefully, these opinions will help you to make your final decision about kratom and where to buy it.

Look For Additional Resources

Finally, we think it’s really important to choose a vendor that cares about
educating both their customers and their public about kratom.

Kratom is still a relatively unknown substance in America, and that means that many people are not familiar with the best practices while using it. That is why we have a complete blog with resources for everyone to explore.

Any vendor that puts time and effort into educating their customers likely has also put time into ensuring their products are properly vetted and tested.