7 Reasons Why Using Kratom Capsules Makes Sense

The latest trend in the kratom arena (after kratom tea) seems to be – the kratom capsules. These little beasts have a lot to offer. Not only do they completely hide the taste and are super easy to travel with, they actually make a lot of sense. Kratom capsules have a lot more to offer.

One of the recent observations in the world of kratom is that many users are seen recording photos and videos of them turning kratom powder into capsules and sharing it on social media.

So, what’s it all about? What are the benefits of kratom capsules and what do they have to offer?

Let’s take a look…

1. Skip Kratom Taste, Entirely

Kratom is an acquired taste. While many choose to deal with it by turning it into a hot tea, not everyone is fond of it. Much like coffee, it takes a few tries before you develop a keenness for its bitter taste. But, if you don’t like particularly bitter-tasting things, capsules are here to your rescue. Many kratom connoisseurs would argue that kratom tea is the traditional way of enjoying this herb.

But, this is not everyone’s preferred way. That is why capsules are soo good. They are practically tasteless. It’s like swallowing any pill. There’s the issue of gag reflex, especially those who have a sensitive throat. So, you’ll have to consider the sizing of the capsule. If you have a sensitive gag reflex, you can always go for the smallest size available.

2. Capsules Can Be Made at Home

There are a few issues with capsules. First, they can be rather expensive; especially if you buy a quality product. We advise against buying from a random shop. Shops like Kratom Crazy are a trusted source of kratom products. There’s always a possibility of inaccurate dosing if you buy from a random shop.

To circumvent this issue, you can choose the DIY route. Here’s how –

Buy your regular kratom powder from a trusted vendor. Buy a high-precision capsule machine. You can buy one online or offline. Also, buy a parchment paper from the grocery store to collect the excess powder at the end.

Stick with a 000 capsule size if you don’t mind swallowing the capsule. This way, you’ll be able to encapsulate 1 gram in each capsule. You can always go for a smaller size. The important thing is to pick a machine size you’re comfortable with.

3. Super-convenient to Carry Around

There are some issues with Kratom powder and tea. You can’t travel with them. Even if you put the tea into a thermos, there’s always the risk of you spilling it. Even with the ‘toss n wash’ method, there are the possibilities of wastage. You have to deal with residual powder on your hands which you have to clean up. With capsules, you have no such worries.

Since each dose is pre-measured and encapsulated, there are no chances of accidental spillage or wastage. No need to clean up afterward either. Capsules are the best thing if you like to carry kratom on your adventure trips or when you’re traveling around. Whether you’re on a road trip, vacationing with family, or traveling across the country; capsules are your best bet. The convenience factor alone should make you want to invest in them.

4. They Look Discreet

Let’s just say kratom powder or even teas are not the most subtle ways of consuming an herb which, let’s be honest, is rather controversial. The aroma alone might raise a few eyebrows. Even a bag of powder is not the most discreet thing in the world. Powder/tea can always draw unwanted attention and raise a few eyebrows especially when you’re in a public setting.

Capsules, however, look like a health supplement or a vitamin. They are the most discreet way of consuming kratom whether you are at your workplace, traveling, or out in a public setting.

5. Capsules are Time-saving

Not everyone has the luxury of brewing kratom tea for 15 or 20 minutes. Especially if you tend to have a busy morning where you have to get your kids ready and juggle a bunch of responsibilities all at once. Not everyone can measure the dose or turn it into tea. For such busy times, capsules are the most convenient option. They are good for busy professionals and moms who don’t always get a lot of time.

6. Accurately dosed; avoids overdosing

It’s super-easy to overstep your bounds with kratom which is always a big no-no. Kratom can have unpredictable results if you are not careful enough. With the powder, you have to be extra careful. Unless you know your exact dose and are using a digital scale, you can never be too sure of dosage accuracy. For beginners, this can be rather problematic.

But, with capsules – such worries are out of the way. Since each capsule is accurately measured and dosed, the possibilities of accidental overdosing are practically gone. If each capsule packs 2 grams of kratom and your dose is 4 grams, you know you have to take no more than 2 capsules.

7. It’s easier to store capsules

Storing kratom powder can be a rather painful process. You have to be super careful about the storage conditions where you plan on keeping them for long-term usage. With capsules, many of the environmental concerns are out of the way. They are also more convenient to transfer from one container to another. Also, every time you take out your dose, you don’t have to worry about the entire contents getting in touch with oxygen and getting degraded with time.

Final Thoughts

Capsules make sense no matter how you look at it. Unless you like your kratom only as tea or raw, there’s no reason why you would not want to invest in kratom capsules. You get everything that raw kratom powder has to give you; with the added convenience.