6 Dangers of Using Kratom Regularly

Have you heard of kratom? There are two scenarios – the title itself lured you to find out more although you don’t really know what it is, or you heard of it, but wanna know more. Whichever the case is, you might be interested in having a look at this. This increasingly popular plant, originating from Southeast Asia and belonging to the coffee family, comes in the form of leaves or powder.

The rumour and some facts regarding its opiate properties have spreaded quite quickly, as well as the story of its addictive features. As with many other opiates, the size of the dose taken into the body determines what effects it will cause – negative or positive. Thus, in smaller doses, it can cause increased energy and sociability, while in larger doses it might make you sedated and slowed down.

In Thailand, the healing power of kratom is almost a cult and it’s gladly used for those purposes by numerous residents. However, abuse is becoming more common, resulting in an increasing number of cases of individuals suffering from the consequences of negative impact of this opiate. There are many proponents of the theory that the plant can alleviate the effects of opiate withdrawal from the body, but science hasn’t yet agreed with that.

Although it’s considered a drug, it isn’t officially an illegal substance. And as it gains increasing popularity, both in Asia, the US, and around the world, opportunities to buy kratom online are becoming surprisingly available. This also means paying extra attention to choosing verified producers. Only like this users can actually be sure that they haven’t received a product of poor quality and that they’re buying from those for whom wellness comes first.

Many effects of using this drug aren’t yet known to science. Everyone’s an advocate of their own theories which happen to be pretty diverse, and that’s why we all need a few facts to rely on. Even though it might bring you weightless, pleasantly dizzy moments and take you to another universe, it might also wake you up quite rudely.

Usage and effects

The method of use is multiple. While some people consume it in the form of a pill or extract, others choose to chew the leaves or drink the tea. It may be put in food or simply smoked… it’s all up to the enjoyers.

However, care must be taken with the amount of dose administered, as this speeds up or slows down the effect, and after long-term use, the dangers and consequences can be numerous and even severe. Let’s find out more using our top list.

  1. Drastically reduced food desire

One of the dangers to be informed about is the loss of appetite. While some people could actually start looking forward to it after hearing this fact, due to a couple of extra kilos, it’s not something we should joke about. Any consequential eating disorder might cause serious health problems that in certain extreme cases might even lead to death.

So, in case you choose to consume kratom on a regular basis, you should be aware that it might trigger off huge consequences when it comes to diet. The appetite goes bye-bye, alternating with a strong nausea, which was definitely described as one of the most highlighted side effects by reviews on kratomrack.com.

Over time, as the loss of appetite increases, the bodyweight of the consumer decreases, giving rise to a well-known monster called anorexia. Whatever your preferences are, keep taking care of the quantity of the substance consumed.

  1. Constipation

Quite related to the previous paragraph, this part includes another consequence that occurs due to eating disorders triggered off by Krater use. Long-term drug consuming slowly but surely begins to affect the intestines and digestive system over time. Organ functions start to slow down and become ‘lazy’.

And, you know that desperate feeling when each and every visit to the loo turns into a painful and uncomfortable nightmare because you simply ‘can’t do it’? In milder cases, constipation and hemorrhoids will occur as a repercussion, while in severe cases it could cause a rupture of the colon or other problems on the same part of the body. Fortunately, the problem with piles can be easily resolved with over the counter solutions such as sprays and ointments. Read this resource to learn more

  1. Risk of overdose

There are many examples of opiate overdoses in the world. Both – in public and in private life, ‘cause it might happen to anyone. The death that occurs in these situations is a consequence of improper dosing and we all know how many lives it has taken so far.

The reason for that lies in too high tolerance to opiates or simply insufficient knowledge of the substance. Today, it’s easy to make a mistake in choosing a higher quality substance, primarily due to numerous producers offering it, and then due to the very nature of the plant, which is often sold in powder form. We can’t always be quite sure how clean it is and what else has been added into the purchased dose.

Not feeling enough of the ‘vibe’ might lure the user into the endless void of adding more and more, causing overdose to take place and endanger the life of the individual in question. This fact should always be born in mind before anyone reaches out to using it – that’s simply a huge must.

  1. Addiction disease

This is a risk that comes with consuming any type of opiate or alcohol. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, and in most cases, individuals think that they can stop whenever they want. Actually, addiction could be one of the most dangerous effects – precisely because of its unpredictability. You won’t even be aware of the moment when it overwhelmed you and prevented you from thinking rationally.

Once you understand what happened, you’ll probably already be in deep trouble. However, even then, it won’t be too late to start treatment and do what’s best for you. That path won’t be easy. As with all addictions, you may have nausea, pain, shivering, vomiting, and other symptoms, but it’s important to persevere.

  1. External irritation

In addition to internal reactions, the body also manifests external ones. Signs of physical decay are becoming evident and, in the case of kratom, the external manifest begins with inflammation of the skin first.

The face is particularly attacked by unbearable itching, redness, and swelling, as well as by burning sensation. The rest of the body ‘protests’ which starts reflecting in physical pain, the above-mentioned nausea and sweating.

And the worst part of this? You can’t know when the inconvenience will stop – it sometimes tends to last for hours which equals peaceful sleep with an impossible mission.

  1. Aggressive behavior and mood swings

And finally, regarding the mental aspect, there comes another segment of the mentioned side effects – frequent mood swings and irritable behavior as one more indicator of addiction.

This last, but not less significant negative effect should raise awareness of the fact that you don’t only harm yourself, but potentially your beloved ones as well. Excessive consumption encourages aggression, which you might easily repent for once you reach a conscious state.

Facing the frightening experience of addiction to this plant, regardless of what purpose you use it for, is the initial step of becoming fully aware of the risks it brings. It should be borne in mind that kratom still remains insufficiently researched and that the world isn’t fully aware of all the negative effects that excessive use might cause. However, these should be enough – healing processes are still unknown to science and that’s why good information is the key to controlled consumption and usage.