5 Tips On Shopping High-Quality Kratom Products

Mitragyna speciosa, better known for Kratom, is a psychoactive plant that originates in the dense forests of Southeast Asian countries. Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea are a few crucial countries where cultivators grow Kratom. Since the 19th century, people in these countries have been consuming the kratom plant to help with various chronic conditions in humans. The plant has opioid properties.

Although there is a lack of FDA-approved research data and medical consultation, many beginners turn away from the product. These leaves are the primary source of kratom powder in the market and smoke shops. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the critical active compounds present in the plant. These are two of the 40 other compounds present.

Besides these compounds, many secondary metabolites like saponins, iridoids, and monoterpenoids are also present. These metabolites may give the plant its characteristic anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it may be a use case as it is a dietary supplement. Many online vendors in the market, like blue magic kratom, sell different kratom products. We must let you know what to look for when buying these products. So, let’s dive into today’s topic and provide tips to keep in mind when shopping for high-grade kratom products.

Tips For Buying Good-Quality Kratom Products

Here are the tips for buying Kratom products-

1. Know Your Kratom

You should know that not all Kratom is the same across the market. The plant has different variations, which are known as the strains. There are three distinct veins of Kratom – red vein, green vein, and white vein. Let’s summarize the effects of these kratom blends.

White Vein

Cultivators pluck these leaves when the leaves are at an early stage of maturity. They are hard to get and are mostly high on the pricing side. These leaves have a high mitragynine content and have good potency and stimulant properties on the milder side.

Green Vein

Plucking of these leaves takes place when the leaves are semi-matured. It has a balanced alkaloid profile, and most people worldwide like to consume it because of its balanced effects. The potency falls between white Kratom and red Kratom. It may boost energy and increase mental clarity, power of focus, and endurance. It can also reduce chronic pain and swelling.

Red Vein

These leaves are the matured ones. They have high mitragynine content and are the most potent. The red Maeng Da strain of red-veined Kratom is the most potent among all other strains. It primarily calms the brain and may relieve pain. These leaves also have the most psychoactive effects on the body.

Yellow Vein

According to the color of the vein and the country of the Kratom’s origin, there are different kratom strains available in the retail, like Maeng Da kratom, Green Bali kratom, White Borneo Kratom, Green Malay, etc.

There is also a yellow-veined kratom, which isn’t very famous. One must know what type of effect and experience one wants, whether mild or intense, decide on the vein and strain, and then go ahead with buying the product.

2. The Price

The kratom market is growing at a quick pace. To stay in the market, companies will put competitive pricing. But we would recommend trusting only those companies who have for themselves in the market, have good reviews, and sell high-grade kratom blends at competitive prices.

Companies like blue magic kratom have been selling excellent kratom products at affordable prices.

Low Prices Are Not Always The Best

One should keep one’s eyes and ears open when buying Kratom. Any vendor willing to sell the products at a cost much lower than the market price should put you in alert mode. In addition, the vendor may not have tested the products properly, not have reports of the lab tests, or may have cut corners in packaging and sourcing the high-grade leaves.

Tips To Check Price

Always check different websites and check the prices. First, learn the average price that is operating in the market. Then, search for products accordingly.

3. Possible Impurities

We can’t stress this enough, but checking for lab test reports is essential. Multiple things may contaminate the kratom products during manufacturing. Heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic, molds and harmful microbes like E. coli can harm your health and cause disease. However, reports prove that the brand uses excellent kratom leaves and sells products with zero impurities.

4. AKA GMP Certificate

It would also be outstanding if the brand had an AKA GMP certificate. It is a certificate from the American Kratom Association, and companies that follow the stand Good Manufacturing Practice of the AKA get the certificate.

The AKA GMP-approved kratom vendors are a proud kratom club. Thus, keep a tab on the certificates that the brand showcases on its website.

5. Know The Dosage

If you are a beginner in Kratom, you should know that kratom dosage is essential for you to know. For different effects, one should ingest a different amount of Kratom. Although lower than 1 g of Kratom may not produce the desired effects, beginners should start at 1 g or half a gram and observe how the body reacts.

Here are some other tips which can help you with your Kratom purchase-

How To Measure?

Use a scale to measure the weight and increase half a gram each time you feel you are not achieving the desired effects. A higher dosage of Kratom may lead to mind-altering effects like slowing of time, which may lead to accidents. Thus, never go beyond the dosage the body can handle or overdose on kratom capsules.

Legality Of Kratom

Kratom products aren’t legal everywhere in the USA. For example, the following states don’t permit Kratom – Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin have banned the buying, selling, and possessing of psychoactive plants from Southeast Asia.

Certain countries, like Sarasota county, Union county, and San Diego, Denver, have Kratom as an illegal product.

Internationally, the following countries are well-known for their kratom restrictions – South Korea, the opioid-like product, is also banned in Alabama and executed in Australia.

Changing Laws

The laws on Kratom keep changing, and more and more states are legalizing the plant with changing times. Many vendors mention that they don’t ship to specific places within the country due to legal issues on their websites.

However, before buying any kratom products, check the local laws and regulations regarding possessing Kratom.

A Vendor We Recommend

There are many outstanding vendors in the USA, but the vendor of our choice is Blue Magic Kratom because, unlike Payless kratom, they take responsibility for their user experiences.

About Blue Magic Kratom And Their Products

Blue Magic Kratom is a US-based kratom wholesale brand. They specialize in producing plain leaf kratom products made from the Maeng Da strain.

The company is one of the best marketplaces to buy Mitragyna speciosa products like kratom capsules and powders in 2022. In addition, many people all over the country highly recommend Blue magic kratom.

Blue Magic Kratom Products

They have a range of kratom products in their collection that are all lab-tested. The company is well known for selling high-quality leaves, extracts, powders, proprietary blends, and capsules at an affordable rate. Through the website, one can shop for multiple categories. The information presented on the website is eye-catching. However, the company doesn’t guarantee whether the products can treat or cure conditions. In case of any allergic reaction, please contact health care practitioners.

Blue Magic Kratom Powders

The powders are made from the highest quality kratom leaves and finely ground to satisfy all its customers. Blue magic Maeng da kratom powder is a popular one. The best-selling products include Blue Magic Red Bali.

Blue Magic Red Dragon is also an excellent quality powder. There is also a famous trainwreck blend, whose details you can get on their site. One can also try out the blue magic Maeng da.

The Blue Magic Powder Price

The products produce slight intoxication of the mind and also calm it. The cost of 90 g of the powder is $28.99.

Blue Magic Kratom Capsules

There are various capsules that one can choose from. These capsules are light and don’t cause discomfort to the stomach after internal use, which one may face after consuming powder.

The Blue Magic Capsules Price

A 300-count bottle costs $33.99, and a 500-count bottle costs only $52.99.

Final Words

Nothing in the world comes with only merits. There are demerits also. It is our responsibility to let you know about all the possible effects.

Kratom is not all merry because it has some side effects. They can be mild, like nausea and red eyes, to more severe ones, like anxiety, depression, loss of cognition, increased blood pressure, etc.

Always remember the five tips mentioned above when buying kratom capsules, powders, or extracts. Unfortunately, we are unsure whether Kratom liquid extract can cure or treat conditions due to a lack of research data.

Finally, we would like to say consume the extract at your own risk and keep discipline. Do not go beyond what the body may be able to take, or the effects can be disastrous.

Stay safe, purchase kratom products from blue magic kratom, and shop for high-grade kratom products you will never regret.