5 Best Kratom Vendors to Buy Kratom Today

Kratom is on its way to being the next big thing in the world of plant botanicals and all-natural wellness products. Although it’s been used for centuries in the south Asian part of the world, the western hemisphere is just now discovering its innumerable uses and benefits. Today, it is estimated that more than 14.5 million consumers enjoy kratom across the United States alone.

Sadly, as kratom gains popularity and more vendors step onto the scene, identifying high-quality sellers offering pure, tested and potent kratom can be a challenge. In an effort to boost profits at the expense of consumers, some kratom vendors skimp on lab testing for safety, mislabel or misrepresent the product, or even add fillers.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing the top 5 kratom vendors to help kickstart your journey and set you on the right path towards finding a reputable kratom vendor you can trust. 

These vendors aren’t only known for having the highest quality of kratom products. They also have exceptional customer service, a wide selection of products, third-party lab testing, and, of course, competitive prices.

1. The Kratom Connection – our TOP pick

The Kratom Connection is a kratom retailer based in Boise, ID, with a straightforward mission: to provide consumers with the purest form of kratom at competitive prices. 

This brand focuses on simplicity and allows the quality of their kratom to speak for them, naming all their strains in the traditional sense. They carry some of the most popular strains and are well known for the 100% satisfaction their products provide. Since its inception, this company has earned a reputation for its service, support, a diverse range of products, and meticulous oversight over product quality. Working directly with carefully vetted farmers in Southeast Asia, The Kratom Connection maintains quality from farm field to store shelf. Of note, is that they pay for third party independent lab testing on ALL of their batches, and never let any kratom batch sit on shelves past 10-weeks to ensure unparalleled freshness for its customers. 

Product Selection 

The Kratom Connection offers a select range of top-quality kratom powders and capsules. Their powders are well known for their potency and come in sealed discreet air-tight packages, while their capsules come in the largest size of capsules available (000), which can accommodate 1 gram of kratom powder.

Also worthy of mention is their Kratom Capsule Sample Pack. This sample pack offers a selection of ten different strains at once and is excellent for first-time consumers who aren’t sure of what they’re looking for or kratom connoisseurs who want a bit of everything.

The products are kept in optimally dry, cool conditions until shipped, and packaged in a way that is engineered to maintain freshness.

The Kratom Strains they Offer Include:

  • White Maeng Da
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Bentuangie 
  • Green Malay
  • Green Bali 
  • Green Hulu
  • White Elephant 
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Bali
  • White Borneo
  • Red Hulu Kapuas 
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Gold Bali
  • Green Borneo 

Product Quality

For The Kratom Connection, delivering fresh kratom of the highest purity is a top priority. 

This is evident in the extra measures they employ to ensure that the kratom is fresh. They ship it directly from Indonesia and do not keep their kratom past ten weeks — any kratom with a shelf life of over ten weeks is automatically discarded. We find this particularly impressive as not many vendors pay attention to the effect that shelf life has on the potency of kratom. 

Further, their kratom batches are tested for purity to ensure that consumers are getting exactly what is on the label. Lastly, while some vendors try to ‘jazz up’ the names of their kratom, The Kratom Connection believes in transparency, naming each strain (vein) by its proper name so consumers are never confused about what each product is or what they can expect.

Kratom Sourcing

Unlike some vendors, The Kratom Connection isn’t a ‘middle man’. They don’t purchase from wholesalers. This means that they have greater control over the product, and can ensure standardization and quality at every stage. Over the years the company has worked to develop key relationships with generational farmers across Southeast Asia. By doing so, the company is able to bring a wide range of kratom strains to market, at prices that pass along savings to the customer. All while supporting local farmers who have grown kratom for generations.

Customer Service/Reviews 

Their customer service is so superb customers can’t stop raving about it in the reviews. They’re quick to respond to calls and emails, and are new-user friendly in that they are patient enough to guide customers through the kratom selection process. Testing the site’s support channels, we found the reps to be both personable and knowledgeable. Although due to FDA and other regulations they can’t give ‘specific’ advice on use, they can educate you about all of their products. There’s a reason why so many people trust The Kratom Connection, and this plays a big part.

Delivery Options

The Kratom Connection offers free USPS First Class shipping for all orders with orders above $55, getting free USPS priority shipping f to anywhere in the US. Their shipping process is swift and secure, using discrete labeling. There are no hidden charges, and all orders placed before 2:00 pm MST M-F are shipped out that same day. 

The Bottom Line About the Kratom Connection 

The Kratom Connection is a fantastic brand. Their amazing customer service, easy shipping process, attention to detail and quality ( e.g., the shelf life of their products), easy-to-navigate website, and free delivery are just some reasons why it’s topping the vendor list.

2. Bumblebee Botanicals – Runner Up

Bumblebee Botanicals is a locally owned and operated boutique chain of walk-in kratom stores with convenient locations in San Francisco, San Diego, Boise, and Reno. They are firm believers in the healing and soothing power of plants, and aim to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for individuals to buy high-quality kratom.

The boutique stores aren’t like typical wellness or supplement shops, but rather an experience all of its own. Similar to a fancy tea shop, the store is intuitively laid out, well lit, and uniquely decorated in a way that is warm, inviting and upscale. Despite all of this, the shop still maintains highly competitive pricing.

Product Selection 

Bumblebee Botanicals offers between 12-15 strains of high-grade kratom products, primarily in powder and capsule form (several come in extracts too). Customers seeking out a particular strain or product are advised to call or drop by to see what’s in stock, or if the company can source it for them.

Strains Often In Stock Include:

  • Red Borneo
  • Red Bali
  • Red Bentuangie 
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Hulu Kapuas 
  • White Borneo
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Elephant 
  • Green Borneo 
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Bali 
  • Green Hulu
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Gold Bali

Product Quality

Bumblebee Botanicals sources their products direct from local Indonesian kratom farmers. After extensively testing kratom from dozens of farms, the company landed on partnerships with two generational kratom farms that offered a product of consistent quality and potency.

Each of its kratom batches are subject to third-party testing before hitting store shelves, ensuring both purity and potency. 

Customer Service/Reviews

With reviews like “Bumble Bee Botanicals has a super friendly staff with amazing customer service. They specialize in kratom & have a variety of powder, capsules & extracts. They are knowledgeable in their high-quality product. Love the adorable vibe of the store as well. Very mellow, calming environment & welcoming, understanding staff!”  it’s evident that Bumblebee Botanicals has won the loyalty of their customers with their fantastic customer service and quality kratom products.

Delivery Options 

Unfortunately, this is one area where Bumblebee Botanicals falls short. Currently, the company does not sell its products online or offer shipping.

Final Verdict on Bumblebee Botanicals 

If you’re in the neighborhood where Bumblebee Botanicals has set up shop, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another vendor with quality standards to match. In addition to offering a wide range of products, its staff are genuinely friendly and expertly trained on helping customers find just what they need to get the most from their kratom purchases.

3. Kats Botanicals – Third Place

Kats Botanicas was founded by Justin Kats at a time when most emerging alternative botanicals were providing consumers with substandard products. The company was built on a strong belief in the therapeutic powers of Kratom, and since inception has remained committed to supplying their customers with Kratom in its safest and purest form.

Product Selection 

Kats Botanicals product line consists of 28 strains of kratom available in powder and capsules. The company also offers a range of botanicals including ashwagandha, elderberry, moringa, shilajit, turmeric, and valerian root, along with its line of CBD products.

With regards to kratom, the site claims that the following are its most popular products: 

  • Green maeng da
  • White maeng da
  • Red maeng da
  • White elephant 
  • Green bali

Kratom Blends

One interesting fact about this store is that it sells several kratom powder blends, combining various amounts of different strains to create a unique product/experience. Although kratom blends can be more unpredictable, some consumers find them exciting to try out.

Popular blends at Kats Botanicals Include:

  • Digital Buddha – 50% white, 30% green, and 20% red vein
  • Plantation Maeng Da – sourced from plantations in the JongKong region of Brunei
  • Super Green – mix of two green kratom strains
  • The Wedge – 50% white, 30% green and 20% red vein

Product Quality

Kats botanicals source their kratom leaves from Indonesia processes them in America, and subject each batch to third-party testing. As a member of the American Kratom Association, it is a ‘qualified’ vendor and is subject to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards. 

Product Sourcing

Kat’s Botanicals sources from various Indonesian kratom farmers using sustainable harvesting practices.

Customer service/ Reviews

Their customer service team is very prompt and helpful. They’re available six days a week and have a 30-day return policy. Overall, the brand is highly rated online, with nearly 13,000 positive reviews. 

Delivery Options 

Although their shipping process is quick and efficient, they do not provide free shipping for orders below $100. 

Final Verdict

Kats Botanicals offers pure kratom strains at fair prices. Kratom sourced is ethically grown and harvested for sustainability, and batches third party tested before products hit store shelves. We found the site easy to navigate, packaging that supports freshness, and service to be top-notch. The site also offers a range of resources and guides to learn more about kratom. 

4. Golden Monk – 4
th Place Finish

Golden Monk was established in 2016, and its aim is pretty straightforward: providing the very best kratom to their customers for the long haul.

Product Selection  

Golden Monk offers eleven different strains of Kratom. Their most popular strains include Red Vein Kratom, Green Vein Kratom, and White Vein Kratom.

Product Quality

Quality control is a top priority for Golden Monk. All their batches undergo a strict checking and screening process to meet the AKAs GMP standards.

Customer service/Reviews

Golden Monk has a 30-day refund program. They also have a loyalty program for their customers and reviews overall seem to be mostly positive online.

Delivery Options 

They offer free shipping for purchases over $49.99.

Final Verdict

Golden monk is one of the best kratom vendors out there. However, their pills aren’t vegan-friendly (they’re gelatin coated), and they only sell kratom in 250g and above.

5. Kratom Spot -5th Place Finish 

Kratom Spot is an online vendor based in Irvine, California. It was launched in 2014 and has since then garnered a following for its premium kratom products.

Product Selection 

Kratom spot offers 30 kratom products spanning all the major strains. Products for sale include both capsule and powder forms. Among their most popular products are Bali Red Kratom, Red Maeng De Kratom, White Maeng De Kratom, and the Green Malay Kratom.

Product Quality

The Kratom Spot sources its kratom from farmers across southeast Asia. They have also maintained their reputation for getting all their products third-party tested for impurities and contamination. However, there have been reports of the quality being inconsistent at times.

Customer Service/Reviews

Their customer service is top-notch. Their attendants are well-mannered and always available to answer any questions you might have. In addition, they have excellent customer reviews with very few complaints about their products and services.


Their shipping process is quick and straightforward. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the world for purchases above $50.

Final Verdict

Bottom line, Kratom spot is especially popular for its extensive range of kratom strains at competitive rates. However, the FDA has flagged this brand for claiming to provide medical treatments, and there have been reports of their products being inconsistent in potency and effect. Nevertheless, they are a great try if you are looking for the more exclusive strains.

The Bottom Line on Kratom Vendors

There you have it, the top 5 vendors from which you can get the purest strains of kratom at the best prices. We have The Kratom Connection, Bumblebee Botanicals, Kats Botanicals, Golden Monk, and Kratom Spot. be sure to try them out, and let me know your experience in the comments section.

How to Choose Kratom

Interested in trying out kratom but unsure of how or which one to choose? You’re not alone. Kratom is a mystical and interesting botanical, possessing several unique properties that make it an ideal option for many consumers. But there is often a lot of confusion around what each strain is or does, and which one might be best for their needs.

Choosing Kratom Strains

Kratom is widely available in three primary strains, sometimes referred to as ‘veins’. The term ‘vein’ used to describe kratom varieties is due to the veins on the leaves of the kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa). This tree, a distant relative of the coffee plant, is a tropical evergreen that produces leaves rich in natural plant alkaloids.

Throughout its growing cycle, various alkaloids, and in differing concentrations, are deposited into the veins of these leaves. It is these leaves that are harvested by hand, dried, and processed to make kratom used in capsules, extracts, and powder.

Each strain’s unique alkaloid profile results in differing effects, which is why some consumers prefer one type over another for their purpose or goals.

Red Kratom 

Red kratom is among the most common of kratom strains. It is also one of the most popular for several reasons. Known as one of the strongest varieties, red kratom is known to produce a wide range of effects that are dose-dependent.

At lower doses, red kratom strains tend to be mildly energizing and mood-enhancing. At higher doses, red kratom is known to be deeply relaxing and soothing, as well as euphoric and pain-relieving.

Popular Red Strains Include:

  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Maeng Da

White Kratom

Among all the kratom strains, white kratom is thought to be the most energizing. Users often note its uplifting, mood-enhancing, and stimulant-like effects, making this strain a potentially great accompaniment for daytime use. Some consumers prefer kratom for getting and staying motivated, work-related activities, chores, or as a morning or afternoon ‘pick me up’ in lieu of coffee or energy drinks.

Green Kratom

Green kratom is a unique strain of kratom, revered for its melding of effects found in both red and white varieties. While red is known as relaxing and sedative, and white is known as energizing and uplifting, it is green kratom that offers the best of both worlds.

A favorite for creative and social activities, green kratom offers a smooth combination of mildly uplifting and mood-enhancing properties, combined with a stress-free calm that makes this strain so popular.

Yellow Kratom

Yellow vein kratom is a relative newcomer to the kratom market but has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. Many consumers liken yellow kratom to ‘Green Malay’ kratom varieties, offering a harmonious balance of uplifting energy and mood enhancement, with calming a calming, and relaxing effects.

Choosing Kratom Products

When it comes to kratom, the industry has undergone significant innovation, using kratom in products that are safe, convenient, discrete, and reliable.

What Type of Kratom Product is Right for You? 

Powder – Kratom powder is by far the most popular form of kratom. This is largely due to its affordability in bulk, as well as its versatility. Kratom powder can be combined with drinks such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or smoothies, as well as foods (often deserts). That said, using kratom powder is a less convenient method, requiring accurate measuring tools (to the gram) and preparation. It can also be a bit messy (kratom powder can stain clothes).

Capsules – Kratom capsules are simply capsules filled with kratom powder. Kratom capsules offer convenience at home or on the go, discretion/privacy, and are tasteless (a major benefit for those who can’t tolerate the natural bitterness of kratom).

Extract – Kratom extracts, also known sometimes as ‘tinctures’ or concentrates, are a potent concentration of the alkaloids found in kratom. Often suspended in alcohol or oil, extracts generally come in small discreet bottles with a dropper. This makes traveling with extracts convenient, as well as versatile. Doses are measured in ML with a scale printed on the side of the dropper. Extracts can be taken as is, or added to any number of food or drinks as desired.

Choosing a Kratom Brand

Choosing the right kratom brand is an incredibly important decision. Unlike food and drugs, kratom falls into a ‘herbal’ category…meaning that there is no direct authority overseeing the quality and production of this botanical. As such, choosing the right brand is paramount to ensuring safety as well as efficacy.

Below we cover the main aspects to consider when choosing a kratom brand.

  1. How the Kratom Is Obtained

With the rise in kratom popularity, several new brands have entered the market, acting as a ‘middle man’ and re-branding products as their own. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are inferior products, but a lack of transparency in who made it and where it came from is typically never good for consumers.

Take the Kratom Connection (for example). As the number one pick on our list, this company works directly with generational kratom tree farmers around the world, having greater control over the quality and consistency from farm field to its virtual store shelves.

In addition to purity, quality, and consistency, working directly with farmers across Southeast Asia supports local communities and invests in preserving the century’s old and time-honored tradition of cultivating kratom.

  1. Third-Party Lab Testing

Unfortunately, not all kratom sellers are honest and ethical. Some will spike their kratom with other substances in an attempt to increase the effects or potency of an inferior product or to dilute it with a filler to increase profit margins.

Third-party lab testing is an important consideration for consumers. You deserve to know exactly what it is you’re buying and potentially ingesting.

Another reason why testing is important is to ensure no contamination has occurred. In some cases, unscrupulous farmers, shippers, or poor storage can result in pathogens such as bacteria, or mold spores taking hold in the powder. Similarly, some soils where kratom is grown may be contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or toxins that can make their way into the plant through the root system, and eventually end up in the product.

Always make your purchase from a company that invests in the safety of its product. For example, The Kratom Connection routinely has a third-party independent lab test each kratom batch for purity and potency.

  1. Country of Origin

Kratom thrives in specific regions of Southeast Asia. Those plants grown outside of these regions tend to require more fertilizer (sometimes synthetic), pesticides, and generally result in an inferior product.

The best kratom comes from where it was always meant to grow…naturally. Look for kratom originating from places including Thailand, New Guinea, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

  1. Brand Reputation and Ratings

Don’t trust your purchase to an unproven vendor. This is one time when doing a bit of due diligence can really pay off.

Below are a few tips you can use to vet a brand.

Website: does the vendor have a professional website? Is this site updated and easy to navigate and use? Does it look like they have invested into the user experience and making sure the site delivers value to its customers?

Ratings and Reviews: What are others saying about the company’s products online? Check out store reviews, social media, forums, and more to find out if people are overall satisfied with the product as well as the service.

  1. Support and Service

Speaking of service, customer support is a big one. Try sending an email or connecting with the site’s chat to give them a test run. Ask a couple of questions about the products and see if the company is interested in helping you make the right choice, or just making a sale.

  1. Shipping Options

We’re not just interested in how fast purchases are shipped, but also how much a company charges, as well as the locations to which they can ship to.

  1. Product Selection

What types of kratom are you interested in? Are you wanting to explore new strains and different ways to use kratom? Or are you set on a single type of product? Sometimes it’s nice to have options. Take a look at the selection and type of kratom products the store offers and see if they have what you need. Switching vendors can result in a whole new round of trial and error to find the perfect strain, potency, dosing, and effects, so if you can stick with a single brand that has it all, like The Kratom Connection, that’s usually advisable.

  1. Pricing

What you’re looking for here is good value. Going too cheap is bound to spell trouble, with some vendors cutting corners with fillers or inferior products. But you really shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg for high-quality kratom either. Figure out your ideal serving size, frequency of use/need, and go from there. Keep in mind that some kratom strains are stronger than others, and vendors with higher quality kratom may mean that you need less to get similar effects had with other brands.

FAQs About Kratom

How Is Kratom Made?

Kratom is a 100% all-natural plant based product. The powder is made from the dried and processed leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, an evergreen native to Southeast Asia. At various stages of maturation, these leaves are hand-picked, and dried in a temperature and light controlled setting, before being ground up into a fine powder known as kratom.

Where is Kratom Grown?

Kratom is grown throughout Southeast Asia including but not limited to Borneo, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. The tree (Mitragyna Specisosa) from which kratom is made is a tropical tree thriving in hot, humid, jungle regions.

How Much Kratom Should I Take?

We can’t give medical advice, and frankly everyone’s body reacts to things differently. That said, lower doses of kratom tend to be stimulatory and energizing, while moderate to high doses tend to be sedative and deeply relaxing. When in doubt, less is more as you figure out what type of effect the plant has on your body.

What Are the Effects of Kratom?

Kratom has been shown and reported to produce a wide range of effects. Those most commonly reported by users include:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Invigorated spirit
  • Energizing (lower dose)
  • Uplifting
  • Euphoric / euphoria
  • Pain relieving
  • Sedative (moderate to high doses)
  • Relaxing and soothing
  • Calming

Is Kratom Legal?

Across the United States, kratom is legal at the federal level. Kratom is NOT considered a ‘scheduled drug’ or ‘controlled substance’ in the USA. However, there are local and state-level governments that have banned or made kratom locally illegal.

Similarly, jurisdictions around the world may have laws that prohibit the manufacturing, sale, possession, or use of kratom. Always check with your local laws to make sure you are in compliance.

Why Do People Use Kratom?

Due to kratom’s versatility, tens of millions of individuals around the world use kratom for a wide range of purposes and goals. Thought to improve general well-being, kratom has been consumed for energy, focus, creativity, euphoria, mood enhancement, pain relief, and more.

Can Kratom Get you High?

Although kratom is capable of producing what users describe as a ‘euphoria’, the use of kratom goes well beyond chasing a ‘high’.

How Fast Will I Feel the Effects of Kratom?

This depends on both how kratom is used (capsules, powder, etc.), as well as other factors such as how full your stomach is if it’s taken with a meal, and your body’s own physiology. That said, generally, speaking effects can begin to take effect within 5-10 minutes, but can take up to 20-40 minutes in some cases.

How Does Kratom Work?

Naturally occurring plan alkaloids present in kratom are capable of binding to your body’s own opioid receptors. Kratom itself is not an opioid but can interact with these receptors in the same way that opioids do, producing a stimulatory effect at lower doses, and a sedative and relaxing effect at higher doses.

Does Kratom Have any Side Effects?

Although more research is needed to determine any potential side effects, some individuals have reported difficulty sleeping (at lower doses), loss of appetite, constipation, dry mouth, and stomach discomfort.

Is Kratom Addictive?

Tens of millions of people around the world enjoy kratom without issue. However, in the same way that you can become addicted to excessive coffee use, you could become dependent on kratom.

Kratom Testing

There has been concern over the years that some kratom may contain higher than allowable levels of heavy metals. Kratom is not alone in this concern. Tuna has been found to have higher than allowable levels of mercury, tea has been found to have high levels of arsenic and lead, and coffee has been found to have residual chemicals and fungi.

This is why it is important to purchase from a vendor that uses independent third-party testing on all of its batches of raw materials. Vendors such as The Kratom Connection take great pride in providing pure kratom that is absent of harmful chemicals, pesticides, pathogens and heavy metals.