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Living a life with depression and anxiety is like living on a battlefield and fighting those invisible enemies constantly. Both depression and stress negatively affect a large group of people. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association Of America, anxiety affects 18.1% of the population every year, and 332 million people live with depression. 

Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options ranging from taking over the counter drugs and therapy to alternative treatment. Kratom treatment for depression and anxiety falls in the alternative treatment category.

However, Kratom is just one name used for dozens of Kratom strains on the market, and not all of them are effective in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Here are the five best kratom strains for depression and anxiety.


Indo is a popular Kratom strain. It’s native to Indonesia and can come in a variety of colors ranging from green and white to red strains. The Indo strains have proven useful in anxiety and depression treatments, and they are not as stimulating as other Kratom strains.

However, they provide just enough of an energy kick to keep you going through a day, which makes them a perfect choice for people experiencing depression. Their mood-enhancing properties are useful for people that prefer natural alternative treatments over synthetic drugs.

Indo strains provide other effects as well. They promote well-being and feelings of relaxation, thus helping people with anxiety get their piece of mind and fall asleep easily. On top of that, all Indo strains have a mild pain-reducing effect.

Maeng Da

Maeng Da is a Kratom strain native to Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It also comes in a variety of colors, red, green, and white. It’s one of the Kratom strains that provide the most consistent effect. Because of its durability, Maeng Da has become the most sought after natural remedy for depression and anxiety and most people who use it will tell you that premium quality kratom feels so good. One can get high-quality kratom strains.

It acts as a stimulant and provides additional energy,  but it’s important to note that it doesn’t deliver an instant energy kick. Instead, it delivers a consistent energy boost throughout the day.

Maeng Da also improves well-being and increases sociability, which particularly suits people with depression. Red Vein Maeng da is a recommended natural remedy for people with anxiety. It provides both sedating and calming effects. Additionally, this strain, in particular, provides relief from pain and stress.

Green Vein Malay

Green Malay, as the name suggests, comes from Malaysia. While it is native to Malaysia, you can also find it in some other countries close to the same region. Green Malay has a distinctive dark green color, which can help you easily tell it apart from different Kratom strains.

Green Malay offers several benefits. Most often, it’s consumed in the morning because it boosts energy and increases concentration and focus.

Consumers usually take it before going to work. This Kratom strain can also reduce pain. When taking in medium to high doses, Green Malay becomes a potent sedative. That’s why Green Malay is preferred by people who experience anxiety.

It also provides relaxing and mind-soothing effects, which makes it even more powerful aid in both anxiety and depression treatment.

Red Vein or Bali

Bali or Red Vein are strains of Kratom native to Indonesia. They come in a unique green-reddish color. We’ve put them together because they have the same effects. If you are suffering from chronic pain that causes depression episodes from time to time, you should consider these strains.

They are the strongest opioid-strains on the market. These strains can help you alleviate the pain and embrace and live life to the fullest.

Bali or Red Vein strains are also known for their ability to reduce the amount of sadness you feel and directly alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Red Borneo

Last but not least, we have Red Borneo, a Kratom strain with the ability to calm you and give you a sedating effect. Since anxiety can kick in any time during the day, taking Red Borneo can help you prevent it and even cushion the blow of strong anxiety attacks.

Red Borneo also promotes relaxation and is quite often used as the main ingredient in aromatherapies designed to provide relaxing and mind-soothing effects.

Kratom is a potent plant, and these five strains have proved particularly useful in treating anxiety and depression. If you decide to try any of the Kratom strains on our list, make sure to take it in the recommended doses to avoid any side effects.